The 2015 Big Eastern!

Sam Lewontin and Lem Butler won their respective regional barista competitions (Northeast and Southeast) at the 2015 Big Eastern Coffee Competitions in Durham, NC! Our very own Lem Butler won his fifth Southeast Regional Barista Championship (SERBC) at the Big Eastern regional coffee competitions in our home town of Durham, NC! And Everyman Espresso's Sam Lewontin won his second Northeast Regional Barista Championship (NERBC)! Each of these inspiring competitors will receive a first-round bye at the US Barista Championships in Long Beach, CA, in February.
We're very proud of the many hard-working, dedicated coffee professionals who competed at the Big Eastern. We're especially honored by the folks who chose to work with our coffees.
Anna Utevsky from Joule Coffee in Raleigh came in third in the SERBC. Nathan Nerswick of Empire State South in Atlanta came in fourth. And Micah Sherer of Tandem Creperie & Coffeehouse in Travelers Rest, SC, finished in fifth place.
Erika Vonie from Everyman Espresso in New York finished fourth in the NERBC. And Carlos Morales from New York's Third Rail Coffee placed third in the Northeast Regional Brewers Cup.
In the Southeast Regional Brewers Cup (SERBrC), Jack Snyder of Northside Social in Arlington, VA, finished fourth, and Henry Boyd of Raleigh's Morning Times rounded out the SERBrC finalists taking sixth place.
Additional competitors using our coffees include: Ezra Baker of Everyman Coffee; Jenny Bonchak of Slingshot Coffee in Raleigh; Steph Caronna from Cary, NC's La Farm Bakery; Seth Cook from Northside Social in Arlington, VA; Tery Honeyghan from Washington, DC's Peregrine EspressoEvan Howe from Peregrine Espresso; Timm Jones from Jubala Coffee in Raleigh; Joshua Maitz from Peregrine Espresso; and Anna Rozenberg from Rex in New York, NY!
We're grateful to Wilbur Curtis for co-sponsoring the Big Eastern with us. Thank you to the event organizers, the Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Barista Guild of America. Thanks, as well, to the many other gracious sponsors who made this weekend possible:
Big thanks to Nuova Simonelli for helping us to throw a fun party Saturday night. And thanks also to the competitor gift-bag sponsors:
The following area businesses generously offered special discounts to competitors:
Bull City Burger, Bull City Records, Caffe Driade, Cocoa Cinnamon, Gravy, Joe Van Gogh, Joule Coffee, Jubala Coffe, Morning Times, Open Eye Cafe, The Pit Durham, The Pit Raleigh, Pompieri Pizza, Raleigh Times, Regulator Bookshop, Scratch Coffee, Sitti, Sola Coffee Cafe, Toast, Videri Chocolate, and Weekend (Slingshot)
Without the incredible hard work of dozens of volunteers, the Big Eastern would not have been possible. Thank you! And, lastly (though by no means least), thanks to the Raleigh-Durham area coffee community and the hundreds of coffee-lovers who attended the event!