Brewing Gear: Pour Over and Autodrip

Autodrip or Pour Over?

Manual coffee-brewing equipment Everyone brews a little differently. Here are are two recommendations on how to get the most out of your brewing method, depending on your preference for a more hands on or hands off approach.

Hands On
For the person who loves the daily ritual of brewing that perfect cup of coffee, a manual brew setup is the way to go: pairing the Beehouse Pour Over Cone with a Hario Server and Bonavita Electric Kettle. The Beehouse is an excellent, easy-to-control brewer that allows exploration of the range of flavors a coffee has to offer and the Bonavita Kettle is a great all-in-one solution for heating water and a producing a precise, controlled pour.

Hands Off
The Bonavita 8-Cup Autodrip machineFor the person who loves the joy of delicious coffee, but prefers the simplicity of an automatic drip brewer, the easy-to-use Bonavita 8-Cup Brewer is our machine of choice. Its powerful heating element and wide showerhead, designed for better saturation and even extraction, means this machine is not your average countertop brewer. In fact, it meets the SCAA Gold Cup Standards for home coffee brewers.

No matter how you’re brewing, a good burr grinder can make a huge difference. We use and recommend the Baratza Encore coffee grinder for Aeropress to pour over, auto-drip to French press, and everything in between.

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