What are Counter Culture’s Home Brew Classes?

We love tasting and talking about coffee, and we love teaching it too! We are excited to be expanding our public coffee education with the addition of a new class!

What are Counter Culture Home Brew labs?

Counter Culture’s consumer labs are designed to empower our consumers to brew and make great coffee at home—whether as pour overs or espresso. Our first class, Brewing Coffee at Home, teaches attendees the tools needed to perfect at-home coffee routines. Our new 3-hour Espresso at Home class, equips students with the knowledge and skills to pull a great shot of espresso, steam milk, and even pour latte art.

Who are these classes for?

Anyone who’s interested in making great coffee at home—whether you’re new to it or more experienced!

Why does Counter Culture offer these labs?

We love coffee. And we want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that they can get a great cup of Counter Culture coffee or espresso in the comfort of their home. We see these labs as an additional access point that gives customers access to excellent training and education. These courses can deepen coffee knowledge for our customers and supplement our weekly Tastings at Ten and quarterly ProDev Series talks.

How long have we been offering them?

When we first started creating Training Centers, all of our educational opportunities were open to anyone. We’ve spent the last few years focusing on our wholesale accounts and making most of the training we offer relevant to being behind a cafe or restaurant bar. In the last two years, we’ve expanded our efforts to give home audiences more relevant training as well. We started with our home brewing course, and, this month, we’re launching Espresso at Home.

How much do these labs cost?

$75 for Brewing Coffee at Home, $150 for Espresso at Home

Where can someone take a class?

These classes are held in our Training Centers, which are located all across the country. Browse the Training Center section of our website to find the one nearest you.

How can someone take a class?

To register for a class, go to your local Training Center page, scroll to the Upcoming Events section, and select Home Brew Classes. From there, follow the links to the individual registration pages.

What are some other details about these classes?

Our labs use state-of-the-art home equipment so that the techniques you learn are easily transferable to your kitchen counter. The espresso machines we use are La Marzocco Home machines (Linea Mini or GS3), and the grinder is the Baratza Sette 270. Baratza also offers an exclusive deal to our students for a discount on one of their grinders from their website. La Marzocco will also be offering an exclusive deal to our students for a discount on a Linea Mini or GS3.