Milk Bar Teams Up with Counter Culture for Coffee Program

Milk Bar, the internationally recognized bakery and dessert brand with multiple locations in New York, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Toronto, and soon to-be Los Angeles, is now proudly serving Counter Culture Coffee to pair its imaginative treats with sustainably sourced coffee.

Founded in 1995, Counter Culture has a history of working with the best in the food business. Current chef partners include Ashley Christiansen, Vivian Howard, Grant Achatz, Katie Button, and now, two-time James Beard Award winner Christina Tosi.

“Christina’s creativity and commitment to quality aligns with Counter Culture’s drive to push the potential of the coffee industry,” explained Brett Smith, president and founder of the Durham-based roaster.

All Milk Bar locations are now serving two of Counter Culture’s year-round coffees: Forty-Six and Slow Motion.

Forty-Six is the notable dark roast from Counter Culture, described as sweet, smoky, and full-bodied. Slow Motion, the coffee company’s chemical-free water processed decaf, includes tasting notes of molasses and cocoa.

“The Milk Bar team taste-tested countless cups of coffee all across New York to find a blend that pairs well with our treats,” said Sujean Lee, COO of Milk Bar. “Great coffee and dessert go hand and hand, so we’re really excited to work with Counter Culture, given their commitment to taste and sustainability. Their blends also complement our speciality latte flavors, which incorporate iconic products like Milk Bar Birthday Cake and Cereal Milk.”

With training centers in Washington, DC, New York, and Los Angeles, all establishments that serve Counter Culture are trained by Counter Culture’s experienced coffee educators to ensure that each cup of coffee is consistent at every location.

Counter Culture coffee is now available at all Milk Bar locations.