Sustainability Goals: What we’re planning for 2018

Every year, we take time to reflect on our progress in our Transparency Report and take note of what we have learned so far and what we should work on in the future. We’d like to share our plans for that work in 2018 so you have an idea of where we’re headed and maybe find some inspiration for your own 2018 plans.

  1. Improve communication
    • We will develop tools to help our customers understand the unique and impactful way that we buy coffee.
    • We will continue to innovate our Transparency Report so that it gives the clearest picture of how we’re living up to our values.
  2. Use transparency to think about our role in the supply chain
    • We will use data to investigate the relationship between the amount we pay for coffee and the profitability of the farmers who sell to Counter Culture.
    • We will use the results of this investigation to help us assess the health of our supply chains and see where we need to adjust our practices.
  3. Invest in sustainability at origin
    • We will use the $1/lb from 2017 Iridescent sales to conduct climate change adaptation workshops with our producer partners.
    • We will scope out a landscape-level sustainability project and identify potential collaborators.
  4. Measure progress  
    • We will finalize our origin sustainability evaluation tool so that we can start to incentivize and reward sustainability practices like we do for quality practices.

Cheers to pushing potential in 2018!