In 2009, our Sustainability Committee created a set of five-year goals as part of a new company-wide initiative we call CUPS:

Coffee as an Unrelenting Pursuit of Sustainability

CUPS embodies the three elements of our sustainability vision and our goals encompass all areas of our business. They are:

Environmental: Carbon Neutrality by 2015
Social: 100% Supply-Chain Satisfaction by 2015
Fiscal: Profitability Every Quarter and Debt Reduction to 5% of Sales by 2015

Accomplishing our goals will require a combination of big-picture changes, like offsetting the emissions of our coffee roasting equipment, and changing behaviors such as unplugging unused computers and turning office lights off when we step away, even if only for a few minutes.

Success depends not only on our own employees but also on our entire supply chain, from our producer partners to our customers and communities. All of our stakeholders will see evidence of CUPS as we make progress – whether in changes to our packaging, surveys on our activities, or through our annual Sustainability Scorecard – and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us as we move forward together!