Counter Culture is the relentless pursuit of coffee perfection, a dedication to real environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability and a commitment to creating cutting-edge coffee people. In three simple words, Counter Culture is a commitment to quality, sustainability, and education.

‘Professional Development’ is our wholesale partner education curriculum. It is designed to bolster a well-rounded understanding of coffee and a skill set to serve coffee well. Our wholesale partners can leverage the program to build scalable in-house training programs for their staff while their baristas, new or seasoned, can leverage it to launch or supplement their coffee career.

Our Professional Development Barista Certification Program serves to promote Coffee Driven People by providing a progress map with notable achievements each step of the way. The final assessment gives baristas the opportunity to tie their work altogether. Baristas are expected to use their personal skills and their industry knowledge to showcase how they would serve guests in their cafes.

The progress gained by this achievement is a collective effort. We commend our partners’ commitment and are proud to announce their 2018 Certified Baristas!


Joshua Guillemette, Alchemy Lounge

Jessica Ly, Urban Standard


Sam Cohen, Love Coffee Bar

Marlene Magana, Hi-Fi Espresso

Marie Owens, Stanza Coffee

Jacob DeLaney, Origin Coffee


Katie Crosby, Chattahoochee Coffee Company

Marcus Smith, Boulder Creek


Alicia Bird, Spoke and Bird Cafe

Lewis Schuyler, Spoke and Bird Cafe

North Carolina

Caleb White, High Five Coffee

Kenneth Case-Cohen, Parker and Otis

Allie Schwartz, The Morning Times

Blair Stevens, Coastal Fog

Jackie Lam, The Morning Times

Joe Fitzpatrick, The Morning Times

South Carolina

Matthew Haigler, Superior Coffee


Rachel Huffman, Dose Coffee and Tea

Melinda Lio, Dose Coffee and Tea

Ryne Hambright, Dose Coffee and Tea

Colton Kirby, Old City Java

Ryan Riddell, Pearl on Union

Noam Orr, Pearl on Union

Ben Poland, Wild Love Bakehouse

Sara Rogers, Wild Love Bakehouse


Bethany Summers, General Porpoise 3

Mya Camarillo, Cherry St - Good Arts

Stephan Anderson , Cherry St - Fairview

Washington, DC

Sharon Kriz, Northside Social

Kenia Canales, Open City

Certified Alumni


Kyle Murph (2017), Alchemy Lounge


Dan Durakovich (2017), Love Coffee Bar

Lindsey Shay (2017), Blacktop Coffee

Masha Zanozina (2017), The Guest House

Vanessa Giles (2017), Coffee Cultures


Taylor Jarvis (2017), Chattahoochee Coffee Company


Kat Dusk (2017), Spoken

Stephen Rowland (2017), Ellipsis Coffeehouse


Zakary Clark (2017), Curio Coffee

New York

Alex Thesken (2017), The Chipped Cup

Morgan Russell (2017), The Chipped Cup

North Carolina

Michelle Yow (2017), Not Just Coffee

Justin Moore (2017), The Table

Noah Lowdermilk (2017), The Table

Sean Junqueira (2017), Jubala Coffee

Mike Mangum (2017), Tama Tea

Barry Burgess (2017), Not Just Coffee