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  • Apollo

    $15.75 | 12 oz bag – or subscribe and get 10% off

    We are transfixed by Ethiopian coffees—Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, after all. And we are inspired by their floral, citrusy bright notes for the coffees that we use in Apollo.

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    Dambi Udo Natural Sundried

    Guji, Ethiopia
    $18.50 | 12 oz bag

    The Guji Highland estate in the Dambi Udo village in Ethiopia combines coffee from its farm with selections from 75 local growers to create this exceptional natural sundried coffee. Both the estate and the surrounding farms have impressive agricultural systems—coffees grow under a dense and diverse canopy of shade, which protects the ecology of the forest. This selection boasts flavors of blueberry, black cherry, and marmalade.

  • Idido

    Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    The Idido cooperative is located just east of the small, bustling town of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Its members’ farms are situated throughout seven communities in some of the highest-altitude coffee growing areas in the region. We work closely with this organic cooperative year after year to select their best coffees, which are known for their sweet and delicate flavors. Look for floral, melon, and citrus notes.

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    Kabeywa Honey

    Kapchorwa, Uganda
    $19.50 | 12 oz bag

    Our partnership with the ever-enterprising team at Chema washing station in Uganda has continued to bear fruitful coffees. After years of great success with their washed and natural coffees, they are now experimenting with the honey process. This lot is specially prepared from cherries grown on farms in the Kabeywa community and is one of the best best honey coffees we’ve ever tasted with notes of raspberry, apple, and honey.

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    Kabeywa Natural

    Kapchorwa, Uganda
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    For years, “natural” was a dirty word in Ugandan coffee. Farmers and exporters discouraged natural-sundried processing in favor of the higher quality and better prices achieved by washing coffee. When done right, however, natural-sundried coffees can be amazing. Our partners at the Chema washing station have revived the process with a specific focus on quality and consistency. The result redefines what to expect from natural sundried Ugandan coffee. We taste flavors of grape, dried berries, and sage.

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    Kabeywa Washed

    Kapchorwa, Uganda
    $18.25 | 12 oz bag

    While Uganda is not well-known for specialty coffee, we believe that it should be. The farmers we work with are growing excellent coffee varieties on the slopes of Mt. Elgon at some of the highest elevations in Africa. With help from the Chema washing station, processing systems have been refined, thereby completing the formula for high-quality coffee. This lot is specially prepared from cherries grown on farms in the community of Kabeywa. With flavors of lemon, cherry, and nut, it is a breakthrough example of what’s possible in washed Uganda coffee.

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    Embu, Kenya
    $21.50 $20.50 | 12 oz box

    The words “inspired” and “passionate” do not begin to describe the Mbature family, the owners of the Kamavindi estate. With attention to every detail, the family has implemented countless quality innovations that set their third-generation family farm apart from any other farm in the region. This drive and dedication to quality shines through in their coffee with intense brightness, which is balanced by sweet and savory flavors of pink grapefruit, blackberry, and molasses.

  • Kushikamana

    Central and Eastern Provinces, Kenya
    $20.75 | 12 oz bag

    Through a project initiated by Counter Culture, small-farm owners in different parts of Kenya's growing regions started working together to discuss and test new techniques to improve the quality of their coffee. These historically independent growers chose the name Kushikamana, which means “connected” in Swahili, to represent the unity of their group. This selection has a classic profile of coffees from Kenya—blackcurrant, citrus, and savory notes—but with a clarity not found in many Kenyan coffees.

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    West Arsi, Ethiopia
    $18.50 | 12 oz bag

    West Arsi is located halfway between the famous coffee-growing regions of Yirgacheffe and Hararge, but historically hasn’t been recognized for its coffee. However, the high elevations in the region that border the famous Harenna forest are starting to attract attention. The Rafisa washing station in West Arsi was built in 2012, but, under new leadership this past year, the potential of coffees from the area is beginning to come to fruition. Look for notes of honeysuckle, pink grapefruit, and sugar cane.