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  • Apollo

    $15.75 | 12 oz bag – or subscribe and get 10% off

    We are transfixed by Ethiopian coffees—Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, after all. And we are inspired by their floral, citrusy bright notes for the coffees that we use in Apollo.

  • Idido

    Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    The Idido cooperative is located just east of the small, bustling town of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Its members’ farms are situated throughout seven communities in some of the highest-altitude coffee growing areas in the region. We work closely with this organic cooperative year after year to select their best coffees, which are known for their sweet and delicate flavors. Look for floral, melon, and citrus notes.

  • New

    Kilenso Mokonisa – Natural Sundried

    West Guji, Ethiopia
    $19.00 | 12 oz bag

    The Kilenso Mokonisa coffee-washing station is owned by Nardos Coffee Export in Ethiopia. We've been working with them to improve communication and quality production practices, which have led to more pristine natural processing and earlier arrival of the coffee to the U.S. The company produces exceptionally high-quality natural sundried coffee by combining production from its family-owned farms with that of growers in 11 other villages in the Bule Hora province of the West Guji zone. Look for notes of blueberry, citrus, and coriander.

  • Kushikamana

    Central and Eastern Provinces, Kenya
    $20.75 | 12 oz bag

    Through a project initiated by Counter Culture, small-farm owners in different parts of Kenya's growing regions started working together to discuss and test new techniques to improve the quality of their coffee. These historically independent growers chose the name Kushikamana, which means “connected” in Swahili, to represent the unity of their group. This selection has a classic profile of coffees from Kenya—blackcurrant, citrus, and savory notes—but with a clarity not found in many Kenyan coffees.