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    A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties


    This book is a culmination of two years of hard work by numerous employees at Counter Culture Coffee and aims to bridge the knowledge gap that exists on Ethiopian coffee varieties in the industry. The guide will act as a tool that empowers farmers in their decision-making processes when choosing varieties for research, development, or investment. The right varieties in the right environments will ultimately improve productivity and quality on farms. We believe that the long-term effect of this reference guide on the specialty coffee industry will be significant.

  • Big Trouble Zip-Up Sweatshirt


    Just in time for cooler weather, this full-zip hoodie is warm, familiar, and cozy—just like our Big Trouble coffee. Features the “wave” from our Big Trouble bag repeated on the back with a subtle Counter Culture logo on the front-left hem.

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    Counter Culture Branch Tank Top


    Meet the softest tank you'll wear! This heather blue unisex tank top pays homage to our “branch logo” from years past. Designed to keep you cool by being loose and flowy, we recommend sizing down if you prefer a true-to-size fit.

  • Counter Culture C/C Sweatshirt


    Represent Counter Culture and be a part of the team by sporting one of our ridiculously soft, unisex, pullover sweatshirts. A favorite among Counter Culture employees, these tri-blend fleece sweatshirts feel like an old favorite—broken-in and nostalgic—from first wear.

  • Counter Culture Line-Break T-Shirt

    Counter Culture Dark Grey T-Shirt


    Super-soft T-shirts with our “line break” logo.


    Counter Culture Ethiopian Coffee Varieties Map


    A visual representation of the research done for the book, the Ethiopia varieties poster shows how the different coffee varieties are connected and the lineages and relationships among them. The poster, much like the book, was created to help both coffee professionals and enthusiasts understand the importance and depth of the history and diversity of Ethiopian coffee.

  • Counter Culture Kinto Mug


    Gray 8 oz Kinto mugs include our Counter Culture logo.

  • Counter Culture Peaberry Kids Shirt


    We've got your kid's new favorite shirt! These blue, super-soft 100 percent organic cotton shirts are made for the active kids in your life. Referencing the smaller—some might say cuter—coffee beans that naturally occur when only one seed grows in a coffee cherry instead of two, these peaberry t-shirts are as unique as the kids they outfit. Available in two sizes.

  • Counter Culture Peaberry Onesie


    Comfy and cute, these organic, 100 percent cotton “peaberry” onesies are perfect for styling babies or toddlers on-the-go. Referencing the smaller—some might say cuter—coffee beans that naturally occur when only one seed grows in a coffee cherry instead of two, our peaberry onesies are sure to keep kids cozy while you enjoy your coffee.

  • Counter Culture Team Patch


    Just the flare you’ve been looking for. This 3.5″ x 4″ Counter Culture Team Patch flies the colors of our classic coffee packaging. It can either be ironed or sewn on.

  • Fast Forward Scarf


    You don’t need to be a football fan to love this soccer-style scarf. This double-sided, two-tone Counter Culture scarf is inspired by the “zig zag icon” from Fast Forward with #coffeedriven along the ends.

  • Forty Six Socks


    Don’t leave your feet out of the fun, rock some Forty Socks! Sporting the dot design from everyone’s favorite dark roast, these socks are the perfect gift for your coffee-driven friends and fam.

  • Hologram Enamel Pin


    This 1″ pin is perfect for an apron, jacket, or your backpack. Paying homage to our well-loved Hologram coffee, the pin features Hologram’s “crown” icon.

  • MiiR 12 oz Apollo Travel Tumbler


    Made by our friends at Miir, this stylish white and gold travel mug features the “water” mark from our Apollo coffee on one side.