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Embu, Kenya

$22.25 | 12 oz box

Single-Farmer lot
Kenyan coffee farmer Danson Njogu Njiru has taken the impressive initiative to improve coffee quality at his farm in Embu, Kenya over the past year by building and utilizing his own coffee-washing station. As a member of the Kushikamana group, he has established better processing practices that helped create this incredible coffee. Expect notes of molasses, tropical fruit, and spice.

Tasting Notes

Tropical Fruit

Roast Level

DARK 0 25 50 75 LIGHT 100 82


Natural Sundried
Natural Sundried
Pulp Natural


Varieties: SL-28, Ruiru 11
Elevation: 1,650 - 1700 meters
Harvest Time: September 2017 - December 2017
Availability: Through late November 2018



Located on the slopes of Mount Kenya at an elevation of 1,650 meters in Kirinyaga County, Danjoru was established in 2005 when Danson Njogu Njiru purchased his first piece of land and planted 3,000 trees of SL-28. Over the past few seasons, he has more than doubled that amount and has also planted a small amount of Ruiru 11. Danson was delivering his coffee to Rungeto Cooperative Society, a local cooperative close to his farm, until 2017 when he set up his private washing station at the farm, which gave him more ownership and control of the coffee’s quality. This lot represents his first attempt at coffee processing, and we are truly impressed with the quality that he has achieved. Counter Culture was introduced to Danjoru via the Kushikamana group, and this marks the first year that we have purchased coffee from Danson.