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Finca Villaverde


Palmitopamba, Ecuador

$22.25 | 12 oz box

Single-Variety Lot – Typica Mejorado
We have traditionally focused our sourcing efforts in Ecuador on the country's southern regions, but we’re always exploring what other regions have to offer in the way of quality coffee. This small lot comes to us from a farm situated in the cloud forests just outside of the northern capital city of Quito. Producer Ruber Portilla grows a variety of Coffea arabica known as Typica Mejorado that's gaining recognition for producing flavors reminiscent of highly coveted Panamanian Gesha-varieties. We taste complex notes of blood orange and brown sugar with a juicy mouthfeel.

Tasting Notes

Blood Orange
Brown Sugar

Roast Level

DARK 0 25 50 75 LIGHT 100 78


Natural Sundried
Natural Sundried
Pulp Natural


Varieties: Typica Mejorado
Elevation: 1350m
Harvest Time: Dec 2017–Jan 2018
Availability: Through August 2018



In 2011, Ruber Portilla decided it was time for him and his family to leave their home in southwestern Colombia. Though he came from a family of coffee producers, he found himself in an all too familiar predicament: forced to grow the lucrative coca plant by guerrilla groups in his region. Once settled in neighboring Ecuador, Ruber took over farm management duties at Finca Villaverde. Eventually, he was able to rent the farm from the owner and take over all aspects of production, as well as all the profits from the farm.

Finca Villaverde is relatively small by Latin American standards, with only 2 hectares planted in coffee. The Portilla family handles most of the work on the farm, with 2–3 employees contracted during busy times. Having such a small farm allows Ruber to focus on quality over quantity—focusing on details that are easy to overlook in larger production systems. In addition, the farm is planted entirely with a local variety known as Typica Mejorado. This carefully selected variation of the traditional Typica variety is said to have made its way from a nearby Nestlé research station to the fields of many producers in this region. In the cup, the best examples of this variety can easily be mistaken for the Gesha variety—one of the most expensive and recognizable coffees in the world.

This new variety, paired with the outstanding climate and enthusiasm of young producers, makes Pichincha one of the most exciting regions for coffee quality in the world of specialty coffee.