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La Florida, Nariño, Colombia

$18.25 | 12 oz bag

Since 2012, we have been working with coffee farmers in communities around Nariño to build a new supply chain from scratch that connects higher prices with better-quality coffee. The Urcunina group in the community of La Florida has grown the most in membership, volume, and—most inspiringly—quality. This year's lot comprises coffee from 134 members and features notes of chocolate, caramel, and dried fruit.


Tasting Notes

Dried Fruit

Roast Level

DARK 0 25 50 75 LIGHT 100 81


Natural Sundried
Natural Sundried
Pulp Natural
Pulp Natural


Varieties: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
Elevation: 1,800–1,950 meters
Availability: Through June 7th



This coffee reflects a unique and developing purchasing model for Counter Culture Coffee. We were first introduced to farmers in Nariño in 2012 through the Borderlands project that was initiated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Before this project, most farmers here had never met a coffee buyer or had any insight into—or recognition for—the quality of the coffee they produce. Through this project, producers have banded together to sell their coffees to roasters and importers, creating a new business model of quality-differentiated coffee previously unseen in Nariño.

Since the outset, we've provided feedback to farmers on their coffees and also committed to purchasing lots from different communities around the region. Our purchasing has grown in tandem with the growth of the association and farmers commitment to the program. Urcunina is the crown jewel of our community lots from the place we fell in love with Nariño coffee—La Florida.