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Apollo - 12 oz bag


Certified Organic
100% Suke Quoto from Sidamo, Ethiopia


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In the summer of 2010, we introduced Apollo as a seasonal "espresso" with the goal of creating an espresso-brewing–friendly coffee with the best possible coffees of the moment and less focus on trying to make it taste exactly the same all of the time—all the while using freshly harvested coffees.

In the beginning, the idea of Apollo was somewhat radical, especially looking back on how cautiously we introduced the idea that it could be from a single origin some day ... a concept which now seems so familiar to us as to be unremarkable.

In light of our #AnyCoffeeAnyBrew initiative, we've updated a few things about how we talk about Apollo (e.g. no more reference to "espresso" here), but some things remain the same. Apollo will always be clean and bright. “Clarity” could be the operative word. Specific flavors (e.g. raspberry, citrus, floral, honey, etc.) will change with the seasons, but the thing that will never change is the crystalline clarity of the coffee.
Additional Information
Additional Information Ethiopia is one of the most complex places to work in coffee. It's home to coffee itself, and many of the best coffees we've ever tasted come from Ethiopia. On the other hand, Ethiopia has one of the most complicated coffee systems in the world. Finding farmers and cooperatives who consistently produce quality and value sustainability is a huge challenge in Ethiopia. Navigating the byzantine system of the Ethiopian coffee market is another challenge. This year we again committed to buying essentially all of the coffee that Haru produced from this past harvest, and worked with Haru to divide it up into 2 lots. One is a Kenya-style fermented experimental lot, which we had some good success with last year. The other, is this select lot, which comes from the best weeks of the harvest, with better selected cherry, and prepared to a higher level before being exported. For this, we paid a 15% premium over the premiums we already pay for the rest of the coffee. One might think of this lot is the Grand Cru of Haru for this year, and we are sure you will see why.