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Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried - 12 oz Bag

This exceptional coffee comes from Ramadhan Salum, who works with small farmers in the village of Buziraguhindwa. Here he produced the first-ever special preparation natural in Burundi a few years ago, and today his natural processing techniques are unmatched—anywhere. This is a clean and big-flavored coffee. Tart and juicy with notes of jammy strawberry and raspberry, balanced with impeccable sweetness.


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Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried


In 2011, Counter Culture worked with Ramadhan Salum and the team at Buziraguhindwa to create a single kilogram of special preparation natural sundried coffee. This was the first time anyone at Buziraguhindwa, and likely the first time anyone in Burundi had tried this type of processing. While the one kilo sample did not taste very good, we did not to give up and in 2012 we went back to the drawing board and methodically tried again.

That resulting one kilogram test sample is still remembered by our staff and customers, as one of the most impressive natural coffees, which spurred us to work with Ramadhan in 2013 to create and export the very first special preparation Burundi natural. Not just for Buziraguhindwa—but for the country. Now after 3 years, we use this coffee to set the bar for great natural processing around the world.

Explanation of the Name

Buziraguhindwa is the name of the Colline (hillside) and village that the washing station was built in. Most washing stations, especially in East Africa, are named in this fashion. Buziraguhindwa roughly means "never retreat." This hillside is famous for warriors who lived here long ago. Buzira "never" guhindwa (guhinda : infinitive) "make someone go back"


Kayanza, Burundi
Kayanza is a province in the northwest of Burundi. This area especially around Buziraguhindwa is not only known for it’s excellent coffee, but it is also known for its tea production. Buziraguhindwa itself is one of the highest areas in the country for coffee production, with the washing station sitting right at 1,896 meters and some coffee being grown close to 2,100 meters. This area is also right off the Kibira National Park, which has been a forest preserve for almost 100 years, and has impressive plant and animal biodiversity.


Varieties: Bourbon, Mbirizi, Jackson
Elevation: 1,900 meters
Post-Harvest Process: Natural Sundried
Harvest Time: April–July 2015

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