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Mpemba - 12 oz bag

Mpemba's coffee is simply impressive: From the cooperative's inception a few years ago to its repeated recognition as one of the best in country, it may be best to let the coffee speak for itself. Notes of citrus and dried fruit are balanced by impeccable sweetness.


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Mpemba – Single-Origin Coffee from Burundi


This is the third year that the Kazoza N’Ikawa Cooperative—in the area of Mpemba of Burundi—has been in operation, but we have known Germaine Simbayobewe, the president of the cooperative, for many years. Germaine and the cooperative of around 340 members were associated with another washing station until they came together to found the cooperative.

With the help of Emile Kamwenubusa and everyone with the USAID project in Burundi, the cooperative was able to set up its own facility in 2011-2012, and Counter Culture was happy to buy the coffee that resulted from their very first harvest that year.

In 2013, Mpemba obtained its Fair Trade Certification—which is still quite rare for Burundi, because cooperatively owned washing stations are less common than private enterprises. That same year, Mpemba’s coffee also placed fourth in the national Cup of Excellence competition. Building on that success, this year they applied for and received a grant from our SEEDS fund to establish two programs that will support their members: the first in goat husbandry for manure and nutrition, and the second in agroforestry to diversify the notoriously monocultural landscape of coffee production in Burundi. We are thrilled by their enthusiastic embrace of the composting program we proposed in 2013 and see unparalleled potential in this group.


Kayanza, Burundi
Kayanza is a province in the Northwest of Burundi, and, for Counter Culture, has always had the best coffees we have tasted from the country. This area is not only known for coffee, but also for its tea production.


Varieties: Bourbon, Mbirizi, Jackson
Elevation: 1,781 meters
Post-Harvest Process: Washed
Harvest Time: April 2014 – July 2014
Certification: Counter Culture Direct Trade Certified