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Toscano - 12 oz bag

Roasted and blended in the caffe dolce or "sweet coffee" tradition of Central Italian espresso, Toscano finds a home in other brewers, as well, for a slightly darker-profile cup. Sweet and mild, with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and dark chocolate, Toscano has built quite a following of professional baristas and home coffee enthusiasts.


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In the coffee bars of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany in Central Italy, every coffee drinker chooses the coffee used to make his espresso: caffe forte, "strong coffee," or caffe dolce, "sweet coffee." While visiting there, I became fascinated with caffe dolce: the sweet, caramel tones, and copper-colored crema were captivating and delicious. I returned home determined to create a tribute to the sweet coffee of Siena, and so Espresso Toscano was born. Toscano has been a favorite of ours since then; its sweet dark chocolate and caramel notes are perfect for the cappuccinos and ristrettos we live for. We’ve recently reformulated the blend to emphasize the sweet chocolate notes that accompany Toscano's classic butter-caramel sweetness. We love the chocolate and caramel in this coffee!
After many weeks of testing and tasting, we believe we've hit the "sweet spot" with each of component with our signature espresso roasting technique, which stands as a modern-day homage to the slower, wood-fired roasters of traditional Tuscany.
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