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We'd like to encourage customers to brew any of our coffees using any brewing method!
If you're specifically looking for coffees originally created for espresso brewing, you'll find those listed as Year-Round products. And, again, we'd definitely encourage you to consider any coffee we offer appropriate for any brewer.

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  1. Kapchorwa, Uganda

    Chema – 12 oz Bag

    Uganda is not a country well known for specialty coffee. Farmers in the lush volcanic hills of Mount Elgon grow excellent SL-14 and SL-28 varieties at some of Africa's highest elevations, but, for years, poor processing has held them back. The Chema washing station is pioneering processing improvements at every step to bring us a refined coffee with savory notes of stone fruit and cocoa.

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  2. Underdog – Limited-Release Blend

    Cold Hearted – 12 oz box

    Limited-Release Blend

    Great coffee can be delicious using any brewing method. This is the essence of #anycoffeeanybrew. Cold Hearted was inspired by hot southern summer days—when we love to brew iced coffee. You might also like it cold brewed or brewed hot. No matter how you brew it, this blend is refreshing, bright, sweet, and super complex.

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  3. Idido – 12 oz bag

    Idido – 12 oz bag

    The Idido cooperative is located just east of the small, bustling town of Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Its members—situated throughout seven communities in the area—are growing some of the highest-altitude coffee in the region. We work closely with this organic cooperative year after year to select their best coffees, which are known for their sweet and delicate floral, melon, and citrus notes.

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  4. Kabeywa Natural Sundried – 12 oz Bag

    Kabeywa Natural Sundried – 12 oz Bag

    Grown on the northwestern slopes of Mount Elgon in Uganda, this natural sundried coffee is the result of trial experiments and our collaboration with the Chema washing station. With flavors of grape candy, berries, and sweet spices, this special-preparation lot sourced from the Kabeywa community redefines what to expect from Ugandan coffee.

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  5. Kamavindi – 12 oz box

    Kamavindi – 12 oz box

    Single-Variety Lot • Limited Release
    "Inspired" and "passionate" barely begin to describe the Mbature family, the owners of Kamavindi. The operators of this third-generation family farm—which is nestled on the slopes of majestic Mount Kenya—selected only their SL-28 variety coffee for this exclusive lot. Attention to every detail of production by the Mbature family helped to fully deliver on the potential of this acclaimed coffee variety, offering bright, sweet, and savory flavors of blackberry, currant, and citrus fruit.

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  6. Masira – 12 oz Bag

    Masira – 12 oz Bag

    Recognizing Uganda’s incredible potential for quality, we worked with our partners at the Chema washing station to create some unique coffees. This lot was specially selected from the highest farms in the region and processed using underwater fermentation—in place of their usual dry-fermentation method—to create a momentous coffee with bright notes of black cherry and cola with a creamy body.

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  7. Olke Birre – Single-Farmer Lot from Haru, Ethiopia

    Olke Birre – 12 oz Box

    Single-Farmer Lot

    Olke Birre owns and manages 12 hectares of land down the road from the Haru Cooperative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Olke was one of the first farmers in all of Yirgacheffe to build his own mini-washing station, which allows him to control the processing of his coffee from start to finish. With this control—and because of his dedication to producing the best coffee possible—Olke and his family created a coffee that is simply elegant. Look for clear flavors of lime, peach, and jasmine.

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