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Welcome to our new store. We'd like to encourage customers to brew any of our coffees using any brewing method!
If you're specifically looking for coffees originally created for espresso brewing, you'll find those listed as Year-Round products. And, again, we'd definitely encourage you to consider any coffee we offer appropriate for any brewer.

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  1. Gerald Njagi Chege

    Gerald Njagi Chege - 12 oz bag

    This tiny, 60-pound peaberry lot from Gerald Njagi Chege was so good that we air-freighted it from the Kirinyaga region of Kenya to get it here sooner. Our very first single-farmer lot from Kenya, this coffee represents an amazing new project we have been working on for two years. And, it's also the first lot that we really fell in love with this year from Kenya. Savory notes of tropical fruit and citrus. Learn more

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  2. Reko — 12 oz bag

    Reko — 12 oz bag

    Early spring is a challenging time of year to find great single-origin offerings. Our coffee selections from the southern hemisphere are running out this time of year and, many times, we are awaiting coffees Central America and East Africa. As we wait for the coffee from the Idido and Haru cooperatives with whom we work year in and year out, we bought this lot from the Reko washing station to offer for a short stint. Notes of rose hips, melon, and citrus. Learn more
  3. Decaf Valle del Santuario

    Decaf Valle del Santuario - 12 oz bag

    Through 7 years of working with five small communities that make up our exclusive Valle del Santuario project in Northern Peru, this coffee is better than ever. We ship small batches of coffees that taste great – from farms we’re excited about and relationships we're proud of – to the Swiss Water decaffeination plant in Vancouver, Canada, so that our decaf offerings taste fresher. The all-natural, organic decaffeination process results in an extraordinary coffee, decaf or not: sweet chocolate emphasized by a smooth body. Learn more
  4. Justina Ramos-- Nueva Llusta

    Justina Ramos - 12 oz bag

    Nueva Llusta Single-Farmer Lot
    After tasting more than 80 single-farmer lots from our project with Nueva Llusta, we selected our favorites to sell separately as special offerings. Out of all the samples we tasted, Justina remarkably had two lots selected, and this is her second lot from the later part of the harvest. Look for sweet notes of clementine, tamarind, and nougat. Learn more
  5. Nueva Llusta

    Nueva Llusta - 12 oz Bag

    Late Harvest
    Nueva Llusta is a collection of small, single-farmer lots that are the culmination of multiple years of hard work between the cooperative and Counter Culture. This year, we were able to select out four special lots, two from the early part of the harvest and two from the later half that are the pinnacle of transparency and quality. All four lots selected have remarkable notes of chocolate, vanilla, and black cherry.
    Learn more
  6. La Golondrina - 12 oz bag

    La Golondrina - 12 oz bag

    Sourced directly from Cauca, Colombia's most skilled and quality-focused organic farmers, La Golondrina represents the very best of Colombian coffee with layered flavors of caramel, chocolate, cherry, and mild citrus. Learn more
  7. Tsheya - 12 oz bag

    Tsheya - 12 oz bag

    Community Lots
    Amid the tension and instability that plague the Kivu communities in eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a group of small-scale coffee farmers coming together to really make a name for themselves. The last few years, we have seen the development of high quality coffees there, and this year we took it even further to select out small lots from a few unique communities. Each community lot processed at the Tsheya washing station is nuanced, but all the lots are tied together by a bright citrus, stone fruit, and lightly savory notes. Learn more
  8. Mpemba - 12 oz bag

    Mpemba - 12 oz bag

    This cooperative's coffee is simply impressive. From the inception of the co-op last year to this year being recognized in the top 5 coffees in all of Burundi in a national tasting competition, it is probably best to let the coffee speak for itself. Notes of citrus and dried fruit with balance and impeccable sweetness.
    Learn more
  9. Baroida - 12 oz bag

    Baroida - 12 oz bag

    Late Harvest
    When many people first think of Papua New Guinea, they think of a remote, diverse, beautiful, yet strange place, and, we admit, Papua New Guinea is all those things. In this complex place, the Colbran family continues – each year – to redefine the coffee of the Eastern Highlands. This year, we focused even more on small, meticulously sorted lots of coffee from different times of the harvest, and it won't disappoint. Baroida brings a blend of sweet and savory notes, coupled with stone fruit and molasses. Learn more
  10. Apollo - 12 oz bag

    Apollo - 12 oz bag

    Certified Organic
    100% Suke Quoto from Sidamo, Ethiopia

    Learn more
  11. Tairora Project - 12 oz bag

    Tairora Project - 12 oz bag

    Late Harvest
    Our coffees from the Tairora Project are small lots that are meticulously separated and selected for quality from a few villages and producers in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. This system was developed by third-generation coffee grower Chris Colbran to improve the quality, transparency, and sustainability within the local coffee trade around the Baroida Estate. Look for savory-sweet notes of stone fruit and ginger snap. Learn more



  12. Decaf Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Decaf Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Decaf Farmhouse is based on two simple ideas: that coffees are best at the peak of their season and that decaffeinated coffees can be exceptional. Like all produce, coffee changes over the course of the year: Farmhouse is our home for the standout coffees that emerge as seasons change. All this attention to freshness results in decaf that is spectacularly sweet, complex and satisfying, and is fully the equal of any caffeinated coffee. Learn more
  13. Rustico - 12 oz bag

    Rustico - 12 oz bag

    The miracle of coffee is that it is capable of a range of delicious flavors: brown sugar, toasted nuts, chocolate, stone fruit, even flowers. Often, blends focus on only one or two of these characteristics, opting for simplicity. Rustico embraces the full spectrum of coffee flavor, and is almost kaleidoscopic in its flavor intensity. To create Rustico, we layer intensely delicious organic coffees artfully to create a complex, fully satisfying coffee experience, which expresses itself beautifully in an espresso machine, drip filter, or French press. Learn more
  14. Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Farmhouse is based on the idea that coffee, like all food, is best enjoyed when it is at its freshest and in season. Throughout the year, as coffees come and go according to the seasons, we roast them to underscore their intrinsic deliciousness. And, then we sell the result. Simple as that. Learn more
  15. Toscano - 12 oz bag

    Toscano - 12 oz bag

    Roasted and blended in the caffe dolce or "sweet coffee" tradition of Central Italian espresso, Toscano finds a home in other brewers, as well, for a slightly darker-profile cup. Sweet and mild, with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and dark chocolate, Toscano has built quite a following of professional baristas and home coffee enthusiasts. Learn more
  16. Number 46 - 12 oz bag

    Number 46 - 12 oz bag

    In the earliest days of Counter Culture's history, co-founder Fred Houk created what he felt was a delicious European-style coffee blend. Filed away in our recipe book as "No. 46," more than 15 years later this coffee remains one of our best-selling and most celebrated blends. We still simply call it Number 46. Learn more

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