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If you're specifically looking for coffees originally created for espresso brewing, you'll find those listed as Year-Round products. And, again, we'd definitely encourage you to consider any coffee we offer appropriate for any brewer.

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  1. Idido - 12 oz bag

    Idido - 12 oz bag

    This first lot from the Idido cooperative in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, represents a select group of 200 of the most dedicated farmers in the co-op. These farmers turn in their best cherries at the peak of harvest for this washed, special preparation coffee. Look for floral, melon, and citrus notes. Learn more
  2. Rosales – Single-Origin Coffee from Colombia

    Los Rosales - 12 oz Bag

    With a climate influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the region of Nariño, Colombia, is a special place that is known for great coffees. It is there—in particular the towns of Buesaco and Tablón de Gómez—that the Cafés Especiales cooperative members focus on selections of their Caturra variety for this stunning lot with notes of black cherry, plum, and milk chocolate. Learn more
  3. Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried

    Buziraguhindwa Natural Sundried - 12 oz Bag

    This exceptional coffee comes from Ramadhan Salum, who works with small farmers in the village of Buziraguhindwa. Here he produced the first-ever special preparation natural in Burundi a few years ago, and today his natural processing techniques are unmatched—anywhere. This is a clean and big-flavored coffee. Tart and juicy with notes of jammy strawberry and raspberry, balanced with impeccable sweetness. Learn more
  4. Nkurubuye – 12 oz bag

    Nkurubuye – 12 oz bag

    Nkurubuye is a small village in southern Rwanda working with the Remera washing station. Roughly 100 growers in Nkurubuye contributed coffee cherries for this lot. Coffee from growers was brought to the washing station, processed impeccably, and shade dried in an experimental system built this year by Sam Muhirwa—who manages all of the coffee at Remera. This unique approach resulted in a beautiful coffee with crisp notes of pear and apricot. Learn more
  5. Bonta– 12 oz Bag

    Bonta– 12 oz Bag

    This coffee is the result of the hard work of about two dozen small- and medium-sized family farms growing mainly Bourbon- and Typica-variety coffee in the small village of Bonta at approximately 1,700 meters. Small lots from these farms are processed and kept separate for us by the Colbran family—our long time partners in Papua New Guinea—to create a coffee that is savory, softly citric, and delicately tea-like.

    Learn more
  6. Baroida – 12 oz bag

    Baroida – 12 oz bag

    Beautiful, unique, and challenging don't begin to tell the complex story of Papua New Guinea. For three generations in the country's Eastern Highlands, the Colbran family has been producing what we consider to be the best coffee in the Pacific through impeccable management and attention to detail. Spicy and savory with notes of molasses. Learn more
  7. Kuichi – 12 oz Bag

    Kuichi – 12 oz Bag

    The Borderlands Project works with growers all around the region of Nariño, Colombia. The project has helped develop and separate unique coffees from specific communities and single growers—lots that historically would have been blended commercially and received little to no premium. This coffee comes from 22 growers in the community of Samaniego and has sweet notes of caramel, red apple, and cherry.

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  8. Jarama – 12 oz bag

    Jarama – 12 oz bag

    In the western district of Nyamasheke, Rwanda—only a few kilometers from the beautiful Lake Kivu—Jarama is an exciting new farm. Planted in 2012 and 2013, this 18-hectare farm, and the organization that manage it, are already receiving awards for their quality. Look for notes of raisin, brown sugar, and clementine.

    Learn more
  9. Buziraguhindwa – Single-Origin Coffee from Burundi

    Buziraguhindwa – 12 oz bag

    The tiny village of Buziraguhindwa has built quite a reputation for quality over the last few years. The owner of the town's washing station, Ramadhan Salum, has an infectious drive and energy to create great small lots that are some of the best in the country. This year’s coffee is a balance of sweet and savory notes, and are accentuated by stone fruit and citrus tones. Learn more
  10. Mpemba – Single-Origin Coffee from Burundi

    Mpemba - 12 oz bag

    Mpemba's coffee is simply impressive. From the cooperative's inception a few years ago to it’s repeated recognition for quality, it may be best to let the coffee from this small cooperative in northern Burundi speak for itself. Notes of bright green apple and stone fruit give way to a light floral note that is crisp and complex. Learn more
  11. Tairora – 12 oz bag

    Tairora – 12 oz bag

    In the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea, the Colbran family works with growers around their own farm to source the best coffee cherries possible. The Colbrans then process the coffee meticulously, resulting in a coffee that challenges the flavors thought possible from this origin. Look for notes of ginger snap and stone fruit that pop alongside a subtle floral characteristic. Learn more



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