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Decaf Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

Decaf Farmhouse is based on two simple ideas: that coffees are best at the peak of their season and that decaffeinated coffees can be exceptional. Like all produce, coffee changes over the course of the year: Farmhouse is our home for the standout coffees that emerge as seasons change. All this attention to freshness results in decaf that is spectacularly sweet, complex and satisfying, and is fully the equal of any caffeinated coffee.


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Freshness is important in coffee. As soon as coffee is plucked from the tree, it begins to lose the characteristics that make it so special. For years, we've been dedicated to seasonality in coffee, offering coffees at their peak. This is an endless, cyclical journey; embracing new coffees as they are harvested, and enjoying them until the next season, the next wave, the next round of flavors. We envision Farmhouse like a box of produce straight from the farm: it may differ from month to month, but it's always great and it's always delicious and it's always perfect. We've always approached decaffeinating coffee the same way – decaffeinating coffees in their season, so they are at the peak of freshness and deliciousness, which is really important for decaf. I guess that's why we've always had the best decafs.
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Additional Information 100 % Decaf Cenfrocafe, Peru (Dark Roast)

Certified Organic • Swiss Water® Process Decaffeination

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