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Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

Farmhouse is based on the idea that coffee, like all food, is best enjoyed when it is at its freshest and in season. Throughout the year, as coffees come and go according to the seasons, we roast them to underscore their intrinsic deliciousness. And, then we sell the result. Simple as that.


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Three years ago, on the heels of introducing new, farm-specific packaging featuring original artwork for each coffee, we made the decision to sell only coffees in their seasonal prime and added each coffee's harvest date(s) to its packaging. While this made our selection fresher than ever, it also made choosing the freshest coffees – those most recently harvested – require a bit of research on behalf of the customer. Farmhouse, akin to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) box from a favorite farm, makes choosing the freshest coffees easier than ever. By choosing Farmhouse, you're choosing the freshest coffees available; simple as that. This coffee's flavor changes subtly throughout the year – these are coffees at their very best, and are expressing their seasonal characteristics at the moment. And that's the beauty of Farmhouse – a coffee that is always fresh and always perfect, like a basket of produce from the farmer's market, a tomato in summertime, or perfect autumn apples. Except, of course, it's coffee. In short, Farmhouse helps you drink coffee in its season.
Additional Information
Additional Information *The current version of Farmhouse is a single-origin coffee: 100 % Cenfrocafe, Peru.

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