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Number 46 - 12 oz bag

In the earliest days of Counter Culture's history, co-founder Fred Houk created what he felt was a delicious European-style coffee blend. Filed away in our recipe book as "No. 46," more than 15 years later this coffee remains one of our best-selling and most celebrated blends. We still simply call it Number 46.


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During the earliest days of Counter Culture's existence, the late Fred Houk, co-founder and coffee guy, set about to create a perfect coffee blend to impress a friend and potential customer. Fred and his friend both loved it, and roaster Daryn Berlin filed the recipe away, identified only with the number 46. Nobody knew it yet, but a coffee legend was born. As Counter Culture grew and began to experiment with other blends, chefs and coffee lovers kept choosing blend 46 as their favorite. As the months and years passed, blend 46 became our go-to coffee, the perennial favorite of everyone who tasted it. To this day, nearly 15 years later, we get more unsolicited positive feedback on this blend than any other, and blend No. 46 has become a favorite among coffee lovers everywhere.
It's still not entirely clear whether it was skill, luck, or magic that brought No. 46 into the world, but we've come to treasure this blend, and we put a tremendous amount of effort into maintaining the signature sophisticated, complex, mouthwateringly delicious flavor characteristics of this coffee. There is a truism in coffee that "blends need to change in order to stay the same," meaning that in order to maintain a particular flavor profile, that we must constantly monitor the flavor characteristics of the component coffees and roasts in a blend. We do that with singular focus on flavor, identifying the flavors that make No. 46 so delicious, finding coffees that have those flavors, and bringing them together in an orchestrated masterpiece. In 2007, we were able to certify number 46 as organic, adding the dimension of sustainability to the aesthetic attributes of this coffee.
Additional Information
Additional Information

Blend Components: *preblended 92% El Triunfo, Mexico;
8% Biloya Natural Sundried, Ethiopia