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Rustico - 12 oz bag

The miracle of coffee is that it is capable of a range of delicious flavors: brown sugar, toasted nuts, chocolate, stone fruit, even flowers. Often, blends focus on only one or two of these characteristics, opting for simplicity. Rustico embraces the full spectrum of coffee flavor, and is almost kaleidoscopic in its flavor intensity. To create Rustico, we layer intensely delicious organic coffees artfully to create a complex, fully satisfying coffee experience, which expresses itself beautifully in an espresso machine, drip filter, or French press.


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Rustico began with our quest to build a rustic, complex, satisfying espresso blend out of coffees from the best, most exciting certified organic farms we knew of. The result was extraordinary; deep, delicious, complex, and compelling. Over the years, we realized that an important part of Rustico was the sundried natural Ethiopian component; the layer of deep fruit atop the base of chocolate, nut, and pastry flavors. This note has become the focus of the blend, building the coffees around it, celebrating its mouthwatering fullness of flavor. We also began experimenting with Rustico as a brewed coffee and realized the fullness of flavor translated to drip coffee just as deliciously as espresso, so much so that we think that it’s a shame to limit the coffee with its name. So, this year, Espresso Rustico becomes simply Rustico; a beautiful, full, layered, complex, fruity, organic coffee.
Additional Information
Additional Information

Blend Components:
70% Cenfrocafe, Peru
30% Biloya Natural Sundried, Ethiopia