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Coffee Subscriptions

All coffees are roasted to order. Coffee Subscriptions are the easiest way to enjoy fresh, handcrafted coffee.

Our new subscriptions let you select the year-round coffees of your choice to be roasted, packaged, and shipped at the frequency you prefer and billed per-shipment – with 10% off the regular price and discounted Flat Rate Shipping. Click here for subscription program FAQ.

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  1. Apollo - 12 oz bag

    Apollo - 12 oz bag

    Certified Organic
    100% Haru from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

    Learn more
  2. Decaf Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Decaf Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Decaf Farmhouse is based on two simple ideas: that coffees are best at the peak of their season and that decaffeinated coffees can be exceptional. Like all produce, coffee changes over the course of the year: Farmhouse is our home for the standout coffees that emerge as seasons change. All this attention to freshness results in decaf that is spectacularly sweet, complex and satisfying, and is fully the equal of any caffeinated coffee. Learn more
  3. Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Farmhouse - 12 oz bag

    Farmhouse is based on the idea that coffee, like all food, is best enjoyed when it is at its freshest and in season. Throughout the year, as coffees come and go according to the seasons, we roast them to underscore their intrinsic deliciousness. And, then we sell the result. Simple as that. Learn more
  4. Number 46 - 12 oz bag

    Number 46 - 12 oz bag

    In the earliest days of Counter Culture's history, co-founder Fred Houk created what he felt was a delicious European-style coffee blend. Filed away in our recipe book as "No. 46," more than 15 years later this coffee remains one of our best-selling and most celebrated blends. We still simply call it Number 46. Learn more
  5. Rustico - 12 oz bag

    Rustico - 12 oz bag

    The miracle of coffee is that it is capable of a range of delicious flavors: brown sugar, toasted nuts, chocolate, stone fruit, even flowers. Often, blends focus on only one or two of these characteristics, opting for simplicity. Rustico embraces the full spectrum of coffee flavor, and is almost kaleidoscopic in its flavor intensity. To create Rustico, we layer intensely delicious organic coffees artfully to create a complex, fully satisfying coffee experience, which expresses itself beautifully in an espresso machine, drip filter, or French press. Learn more

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