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  1. Kalita Wave Style Set

    Kalita Wave Style Set

    Kalita Wave brewers are popular in the specialty coffee world – and, used by 2013 World Brewers Cup champion Erin McCarthy. Kalita brewers use flat bottom filters to promote even extraction. The Style Set includes a glass dripper and server.
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  2. Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper

    Kalita Wave Ceramic Dripper

    Kalita Wave 185 Ceramic Dripper uses flat bottom filters with long, scalloped sides to promote even extraction – making them very easy to use.
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  3. Hario Glass Server 2- or 4-cup

    Hario Glass Server 2- or 4-cup

    Heatproof 600 or 800 mL glass server for use with a filter coffee brewer.

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    Starting at: $32.95

  4. ESPRO PRESS 18oz

    ESPRO PRESS 18oz

    Counter Culture has embraced the press pot since we were roasting our first coffees nearly two decades ago. This timeless method and simple device has undergone many evolutions through the years and has been envisioned and manufactured by countless companies. Espro has taken this traditional and iconic device to a new level.
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  5. Drip Cone Filters #2 or #4

    Drip Cone Filters #2 or #4

    Oxygen bleached or bamboo drip cone filters. (100 count) Perfect for use with our Counter Culture Drip Cones, Hario server, and Takahiro Kettle! Learn more

    Starting at: $5.50

  6. Counter Culture Tamper 58.4mm Convex

    Counter Culture Tamper 58.4mm Convex

    We had the Reg Barber team customize a black walnut tamper handle with our stacked Counter Culture Coffee logo and engrave "Since 1995" in a 58.4mm convex stainless steel base—as nod to our 20th anniversary this year. Learn more
  7. CCCXX T-shirt

    CCCXX T-shirt

    CCCXX organic cotton T-shirt are screen printed our CCCXX logo. Learn more
  8. CCCXX Mug

    CCCXX Mug

    Counter Culture Coffee's name is a play on both diner counters and the counter cultural movement of the 1960s. So it's only fitting that we celebrate 20 years in business with a diner mug. Learn more
  9. Bonavita Electric Kettle

    Bonavita Electric Kettle

    Available in Variable Temperature model! The Bonavita electric kettle with goose neck spout provides ideal water flow control for pourover coffee brewing. Simple, lift-off access makes it easy to carry from counter to table. Heats water to boil in less than 3 minutes. (Note: For standard mode, let water cool a minute or so to off-boil for best results.)

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    Starting at: $59.99

  10. Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

    Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

    Baratza's Encore features conical burrs and 40 individual grind settings, from medium-fine to coarse – from 250 to 1200 microns. Perfect for anything from pour over to press pot.

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