Sustainable Spring March 14

All events take place in our regional training centers, Fridays at 11:30 a.m. following our free, weekly public coffee tastings at 10 a.m.

Solar Electricity
Katie Bray of Clean Energy for Buncombe.
Katie will be talking about how to access affordable Solar Power and Clean Energy for homeowners, businesses and non-profits.
David Paull of Compost Wheels
Beekeeping, Honey Production, and Tasting
Noah Wilson-Rich of The Best Bees Company
Noah and staff will be on hand to tell us about their beehive service, talk about the life of the bee and it's importance in food production, and lead a tasting of several different honeys.
CSA — Tentative
Green Grocer Chicago

Green Grocer will be talking about what a CSA is and the benefits. They are a curated CSA from multiple farms around the city and Illinois.
Home Solar Electricity (at 2:00 pm)
Rita of Solarize NC
Rita will discuss the importance of solarize NC and its impact.
Sustain-a-Lunch: Sustainable Spring Edition
Rob Newton of Smith Canteen, Seersucker, and Nightingale9
Join the Counter Culture New York crew for a potluck Sustain-a-lunch challenge, where we all take $20 to the greenmarket and try to show each other up, potluck style! Around the communal table, we'll talk about what sustainability means to us.
Composting in the City
Tim Bennett of Bennett Compost
Tim will talk about the importance of compost and will be extending a free trial service of BC to new members, and a discounted service to those who already have BC.
Joelle Burgard of Anacostia Watershed Society
Joelle will discuss the 25th anniversary of the organization and their efforts to clean up and restore the Anacostia river and re-establish it as a known natural and recreational amenity for the DC area.

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