Sustainable Spring March 28
All events take place in our regional training centers, Fridays at 11:30 a.m. following our free, weekly public coffee tastings at 10 a.m.

Organic Dairy
Robert Bjorkholm and Audrey Amoroso of Organic Valley, Georgia Teague of Reedy Creek Farm
Robert and Audrey will share about sustainability at Organic Valley overall, followed by George will talk about his family’s farm story and sustainability from his experiences.
Home Gardening
David LaMont 
of Counter Culture Coffee
David will share about his experiences with home gardening and resources available in the Atlanta area.
Composting and Organic Home Gardening
Andy Brooks of Bootstrap Composting
Andy will tell us about their local compost pickup service and lead a workshop on composting.
Urban Farming
Robert Navel of urban farming outreach program at KAM Isaiah Israel Synagogue
Robert is going to talk about the expanding empty & polluted acreage that KAM II has converted in Chicago over the years into productive farmland.
CSA Fair
Walking Fish and Harland's Creek Organic Farm
The CSA Fair will include Walking Fish talking about a community supported fishery: based on the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model, a community supported fishery (CSF) is a program that connects local fishermen to a local market.
Cleaning and Greening the Gowanus Canal
Gowanus Canal Conservancy
Learn about one of Brooklyn's greatest Superfund sites, the Gowanus Canal — including why it's so polluted and what is being done to restore a healthier ecosystem for the canal and watershed.
Pollinators: Not Just Bee Business
Paul Dangel
Beekeeper and insect expert Paul Dangel will introduce other key insects (and animals) which are important contributors to pollination and why they are important to our food system.
Late-Notice Update
NOTE: Unfortunately, this week's #SustainableSpring event in DC has been canceled because of construction and a scheduling conflict for the presenter. Sorry!

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