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Roberto Salazar of Finca Pashapa and Gasper Garcia from Concepcion Huista cupping with Tim Hill at our inaugural Pro Series: Organic Agriculture and Quality Experimentation.
We make no secret of our passion for coffee education. We know that education improves quality at every step from seed to cup, and while we focus a great deal of our Counter Intelligence educational efforts on the craft of brewing, service, and coffee science, we are devoting increasing resources to developing education projects with our producing partners at origin.
Earlier this week, we wrapped up our inaugural producer-focused Professional Series – La Serie Profesional en español – centering on farm and processing experimentation, organic agriculture practices, and inter-farm communication and resource sharing. Taking place in Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras, the 2-day educational event was led on site by Sustainability & Producer Relations Manager Kim Elena Bullock and Coffee Buyer & Quality Manager Tim Hill, who co-organized discussions among the 20 producer partners in attendance.
Both Kim Elena and Tim posted reports on the event this week – in prose and photos, respectively – and it's clear from both accounts that the conversations and sharing of knowledge were nothing short of inspiring, and that this is but the first of many Professional Series events with our partners at origin.
"As we walked to one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Rosa de Copán," recalls Kim Elena, "I felt gratified to eavesdrop on conversations between Hondurans, Guatemalans, and Nicaraguans who continued to reflect on the day's discussions and trade tips long after the sessions had ended."
Read Kim Elena's trip report in our ORIGINS section and browse Tim's photo set on Flickr.
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