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Welcome back, Thiriku!
For 4 year now, we have been purchasing coffee from the Thiriku Farmers Cooperative – located just outside the town of Nyeri and right off the Aberdare Mountain range in Central Kenya. Thiriku was established as a cooperative in 2000, and currently has around 1,900 members.
Thiriku never fails to innovate while delivering incredible quality. This year, the cooperative completely changed all of their systems for processing coffee, but still delivered a great lot. This harvest of Thiriku offers impeccable notes of grapefruit, hibiscus, red grape, followed up with a light sweet savoriness.
Holiday Shipping Note: Our delivery carriers will not pickup or deliver on Monday, September 2, in observance of the Labor Day holiday. As such, orders received after midnight Eastern Thursday, August 29, will be roasted packaged, and shipped on Tuesday, September 3. Orders in transit may experience a very slight delay.
Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
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Welcome to Sustainable Summer, a month-long community effort dedicated to making small changes on big issues.On Friday, August 30, we're celebrating #SustainableSummer at each of our Training Centers (following our weekly cupping) with organic snacks, lively conversation, and a panel discussion about climate change and the future. Of course, there will also be plenty of coffee. Click here for details.

The get-togethers will revolve around a panel discussion with sustainability luminaries Scott Marlow of the Rural Advancement Foundation International and Mausi Kuhl of Selva Negra/La Hammonia coffee farm in Nicaragua. The panel discussion will be broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Join us, as well as our friends at Rishi Tea, Taza Chocolate, King Arthur Flour, Patagonia, and TS Designs, as we send this summer out with a sustainable bang in this final week of #SustainableSummer by taking the pledge to conserve resources on Facebook or e-mail us for more information.

Farm51 started as a vacant lot and is now host to vegetables, chickens, and cut flowers.Many of you are already familiar with the initiatives we decide to invest in abroad, known as our Seeds projects. This year, we have heightened our emphasis on local investing as well – uniting both local and international efforts under the banner of sustainable agriculture and hunger prevention. Since our staff are scattered throughout the US, we have asked them to investigate the meaningful work being done in their communities around these two areas. Then, they bring them to the table for us to assess and collaborate.

One of our regions, Philadelphia, has taken this charge quite seriously. Early on, they began connecting with farm51, a small-scale urban educational farm founded in 2008 in West Philly. Most recently, Chelsea Thoumsin, our Customer Representative in Philly, decided she'd like for us to help support a fundraiser the farm will be hosting on September 6. The farm is a place where community is built and strengthened, where many hands make light work, and where people can connect directly with their food source. What started as a vacant lot is now host to vegetables, chickens, and cut flowers. You can learn more about this innovative and industrious farm on their website. And, if you find yourself in Philly on September 6, check out their fundraiser.

Our hope is that our knowledge of and ability to support similar groups in all of our regions will only continue to grow. If you know of any we should know about, don't hesitate to be in touch.

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Hola dos grandes de Guatemala!We're very happy to welcome back two organic offerings from the famous Huehuetenango district in Guatemala!

One of the most highly anticipated Central American coffees we offer, Concepción Huista delivers yet again. This is our third year of working with the cooperative, and, this year, we focused on buying smaller lots – trying to capture higher quality from particular areas within the cooperative. As always, bright fruit tones are the hallmark of this coffee, accentuated by a nice, lingering sweetness with notes of pomegranate, brown sugar, and apple.

"Grotto" is the very highest point on the beautiful Finca Nueva Armenia coffee farm. High altitudes often lead to spectacular quality, and keeping coffee from the area called Grotto separate paid big rewards for us again this year; this Finca Nueva Armenia Grotto Microlot is complex yet smooth with notes of black cherry and chocolate.

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WG Pearson students celebrate their new school garden in Durham!So, you all might start to think I have a small obsession with reusing bags – but seriously, so many exciting things are happening in the upcycle bag world!

Last week, we were asked by a local elementary school, WG Pearson, to help them inaugurate their school garden. For the last couple of months, they have been preparing the beds and just recently put down seeds and a few plants. Conveniently, in their early stages of garden planning, they went right down the road to get some of our coffee burlap bags for – that's right – weed barriers!

The 1st through 5th graders at the school have committed to create and maintain the garden organically. There were about 100 of them present for the garden party to dedicate the garden. Those kids knew what was up, with their hands waving in the air to answer "What is a seedling?" and "What are pesticides?" and "What is soil?"

Along with Counter Culture, North Carolina Central University and the Durham Public School system supported this effort, demonstrating what can happen when partnerships are formed. There are three separate beds that include an herb garden, an heirloom section, and other vegetables. The hope is that the students have the opportunity to start early to connect with where food comes from and to be able to continue healthy lifelong practices.

We are grateful for the chance to be a part of such an inspiring project!

Welcome to Sustainable Summer, a month-long community effort dedicated to making small changes on big issues.Our Sustainable Summer challenge starts Monday! We encourage you to put the relaxed, reflective mood afforded by the slower pace of summer to good use by making small, positive changes to your everyday habits, and living a little greener before the leaves turn brown.

Each week throughout August, via a Sustainable Summer Facebook group, we'll offer suggestions for little things we can all do to challenge climate change and preserve our natural resources. By tackling habits in the areas of Home, Work, Leisure, Transportation, and Food, we'll see firsthand how big an impact even small actions can make.

Participants will have the chance to enter raffles for great prizes (including coffee, tea, and chocolate) as a reward for green deeds done well; together, we'll end the month by celebrating sustainability with organic snacks, lively conversation, and a panel discussion about climate change and the future. (Of course, there will also be plenty of coffee.)

Join us, as well as our friends at Rishi Tea, Taza Chocolate, King Arthur Flour, Patagonia, and TS Designs, as we send this summer out with a sustainable bang! Take the pledge on Facebook or e-mail us for more information.


Reusing plastic coffee bags for employee CSA distribution! #SustainableSummerEvery once in awhile the coffee department decides it's time to clean out the drawers where we keep green coffee samples. In each drawer, which represents a month, there are various and sundry sample baggies – small ones, large ones, thick ones, thin ones, and even the occasional cloth one! I suppose many places and many employees would quickly reject these as waste. Here at Counter Culture, however, the conversations about what to do with stray bags occur pretty much weekly.

Here are just a few things I'm looking forward to doing with those bags:


  • take them to the farmer's market for fruits and veggies
  • bring them to the co-op for my favorite trail mixes
  • store herbs in them for herbal summer water!

I asked a few co-workers, and here's what they would do:


  • use them as trash can liners for smaller bathroom trash cans
  • take them to the grocery store to be recycled
  • store stray buttons and broken jewelry for rainy day mending projects
  • transporting vitamins

Really, the opportunities are endless. So, it's a little quaint, maybe. But, the realness of landfill diversion and the commitment to not purchasing plastic bags that take a ridiculous amount of energy to create isn't just a drop in the bucket. Tim's words, "All right you guys, have at it!" as he set the bags on the counter, are still ringing in my ears!