Origin Field Lab: Honduras

2016 Origin Field Lab

Origin Field Lab: Honduras
March 2017

On this weeklong trip, students participate in each step of the coffee production process at origin—from harvest to export—and learn about the benefits and challenges of building long-term coffee relationships.

The 2017 Origin Field lab will cover the complexities of contemporary coffee farming in general, and in Honduras in particular, and with on-site experiences which will illuminate the intricacies of coffee cultivation and processing for farms of varying sizes.

Lab topics will include coffee botany, organic agriculture, coffee processing, contemporary challenges and opportunities for farmers, the structure of coffee cooperatives, milling and exporting, and Honduras’ sociopolitical history as it relates to the coffee industry.
What to expect:

The 2015 Origin Field Lab group in Marcala, Honduras.“My expectations were exceeded. I thought we covered all major aspects of the supply chain on the producer side thoroughly. I got nearly as much information from private discussions with group leaders and participants as I did from the structured class curriculum. That was unexpected and deeply enriching.”

“The group dynamic was lively, relaxed and friendly. It made it so much easier to ask questions and absorb the cavalcade of information presented.”

“[Origin Field Lab instructors] did a fantastic job leading the trip. They did a great job communicating with the participants and were always accessible to the group and highly engaged. I can’t imagine the trip being run much more smoothly.”

–past Origin Field Lab participants