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One 12 oz bag of seasonal, fresh-roasted coffees selected every two weeks by our Coffee Department and delivered directly to you. One bag total with each shipment.

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  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

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SINGLE-ORIGIN | Kayanza, Burundi

Mpemba - Natural Sundried

fig | strawberry | creamy

Roast Level

light roast

This exquisite natural sundried lot from the Kazoza N’Ikawa cooperative in Mpemba, Burundi is one of our most anticipated offerings each year. When the group began experimenting with natural processing in 2014, high quality naturals were uncommon in Burundi. Today, the country is known for producing some of the best natural sundried lots in the region and Mpemba continues to be our favorite of the bunch. Meticulous cherry selection and processing lead to dynamic and fruity flavors of fig and strawberry atop a creamy body.

Kyle Tush

Kyle Tush

Coffee Manager

Process: Natural Sundried

Certifications: Kosher

Elevation: 1,780–2,000 meters

Variety: Bourbon, Mbirizi, Jackson

Harvest Time: May 2023–July 2023

Available: Through late-April 2024

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