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A curated collection of Counter Culture Coffee merchandise that’s perfect for gift-giving any time of year!

Finca Kilimanjaro – Processing Set

Aida Batlle has always been eager to experiment with her coffees, which makes working with her a never-ending learning experience. In this set, coffee from Finca Kilimanjaro is presented in three different processing styles, which allows you to experience not only how processing affects coffee, but how high-quality processing affects high-quality coffee.

Sustainability Update: Climate Change Workshops

In order to help build resilience in the face of climate change—and the resulting variability in seasons it is creating in coffee-growing regions—we dedicated the funds from Iridescent 2017 to facilitating climate change adaptation workshops with our producer-partners around the world.

Welcome back, La Golondrina!

The Orgánica cooperative in the region of Cauca, Colombia, has been producing coffee for our La Golondrina offering since 2007. They consistently produce one of the best organic coffees in Colombia. A perennial favorite!

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Counter Culture is about more than sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee. We also build relationships with the best cafes and restaurants who share our values and commitment to pushing potential. If you are a current wholesale customer login below, if you are interested in becoming a partner, tell us about your business and a member of our sales team will contact you soon!


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