Basics of Brewing

Preparing and enjoying a great cup of coffee is a pleasure—a simple task with rich rewards. Brewing coffee is like cooking with fresh produce: start with the best, freshest ingredients, take care to do it well, and you will create something astonishingly delicious.

Golden Rules

  • 01

    Keep it fresh.

    Use recently roasted coffee, ground immediately before brewing.

  • 02

    Not too hot!

    Brew with water heated to between 195º to 205º Fahrenheit.

  • 03

    Perfect Ratio.

    Use one part coffee to 15–18 parts water. If you’re adjusting the ratio for the first time, start in the middle of this range and adjust to taste.

  • 04

    Storage is Key

    Keep whole-bean coffee in an airtight container, out of direct sunlight, and away from heat and moisture.

Grind Size

When your brew tastes off, start troubleshooting by adjusting the grind size. Different brewing devices require different particle sizes based on their geometric shape and the flow of water, and slight adjustments to your recipe can necessitate a change in the grind. Generally, brew methods with shorter contact times, like espresso or AeroPress, require a finer grind size; longer, slower brew methods, like French press, work best with a coarser grind.

  • Extra Fine

  • Fine

  • Medium

  • Medium Coarse

  • Coarse

  • Extra Coarse

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