Flash Brew

"Flash brew is my go-to method once summer hits. It's an easy way to brew iced coffee on-demand!"

Addison, creative associate, durham

Addison, creative associate, durham

Gather your supplies

We use a 1:11 coffee-to-water ratio, plus ice for dilution. Our recipe makes one, 16 oz cup of iced coffee.

  • 30 grams of fresh-roasted, whole-bean coffee
  • 335 grams of filtered hot water (200 F)
  • 165 grams of ice
  • Pour-over brewer of choice
  • Filter for pour-over device>
  • Grinder (we recommend burr grinders)
  • Gram scale
  • Kettle
  • Timer

Grind Size


Weigh Coffee

Weigh 30g of coffee and grind on medium-fine setting, like table salt.


Rinse Filter

Heat water to 200ºF. Place filter in your pour-over device and rinse with hot water, discarding when finished.


Add Ice

Add 165g of ice to your carafe.


Add Coffee

Place the pour-over device back on your carafe, and add ground coffee.


Bloom Coffee

Start a timer and pour 30g of water to wet all the coffee grounds.


Begin Brewing

Wait 30 seconds and then pour water in a circular motion to 100g.


Pour Water

By 1:00, the water should have drained about one centimeter. Pour in a circular motion to 200g.



Repeat this process every 30 seconds, or as the water drains a centimeter, pouring water in a circular pattern until reaching a total weight of 335g.



Pour over more ice and enjoy!

Serve and enjoy! 🤗

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