Espresso is an iconic brewing method. It can be the star of the show as a stand alone shot and it also opens up another beverage dimension in lattes, americanos, or as an ingredient in signature drinks.  Espresso can take you on a full journey to flavor town; a starting recipe is the best GPS to get you there.

Jenna, National Wholesale Education Manager, NYC

Jenna, National Wholesale Education Manager, NYC

Gather your supplies

We use a 1:1.5-2.5 coffee-to-water ratio; our recipe makes 36 grams of espresso

  • 18 grams of fresh-roasted, whole-bean coffee
  • Gram scale
  • Espresso grinder
  • Espresso machine
  • Tamper
  • Rag

Grind Size


Grind Coffee

Using an espresso grinder, grind your coffee very fine.

Weigh your ground espresso and adjust the dose to ensure accuracy. We recommend dosing within 0.2 grams of the target weight.


Distribute Coffee

Distribute your espresso to ensure a level, even brew bed.


Tamp Coffee

Tamp your espresso. Make sure that your tamper is level and that you apply force evenly. Press down until you feel resistance from the counter.


Clean Station

Clear a small amount of water through your grouphead, ensuring its cleanliness. Wipe your driptray clean.


Begin Extraction

Insert the portafilter and position your scale and cup on the driptray. Begin extraction.

Stop the shot when the scale reads a few grams less than your desired brew weight.

Check the time of your shot. If it is less than 25 seconds,consider making your grind finer. If it is more than 35 seconds, consider making your grind coarser.


Adjust and Enjoy!

Remove the espresso puck from the portafilter. Wipe the portafilter basket clean, rinse the grouphead, and lock the portafilter back into place.

Taste your espresso. If it tastes overwhelmingly sour, consider making your grind finer and/or extending your brew ratio, up to 1:2.5 parts coffee to water. If it is overwhelmingly harsh and bitter, consider making your grind coarser and/or reducing your brew ratio, making the shot as concentrated as 1:1.5 parts coffee to water.

Enjoy your espresso on its own, or use it as the base for your favorite milk drink!

Serve and enjoy! 🤗

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