Hario V60

The Hario V60 has been a benchmark pour-over coffee maker for almost two decades. It can be found everywhere, from kitchens to cafes to World Championships. This is one brewer you should definitely get to know.

Ryan, Consumer Education Manager, NYC

Ryan, Consumer Education Manager, NYC

Gather your supplies

We use a 1:17 coffee-to-water ratio; our recipe makes one, 16 oz cup of coffee.

  • 30 grams of fresh-roasted, whole-bean coffee
  • 500 grams of filtered hot water (200 F)
  • Hario 02 V60
  • V60 filter
  • Gram scale
  • Grinder (we recommend burr grinders)
  • Kettle
  • Timer

Grind Size


Rinse Filter

Heat water to 200F. Place filter in V60 and rinse with hot water, discarding when finished.


Grind Coffee

Weigh 30g coffee and grind on medium fine setting, like table salt.


Add Grounds

Place coffee in filter, and shake to level grounds.


Bloom Grounds

Start a timer and pour 60g of water to wet all the coffee.


Begin Brewing

Wait 30 seconds and then pour water in circular motion to 200g.


Pour + Repeat

By 1:00 the water should have drained a centimeter, pour in a circular motion to 300g. Repeat this process every 30 seconds, until reaching a total weight of 500g.



The coffee should finish draining by 3:30-4:00.



Serve and enjoy! 🤗

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