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About The Bundle

Our Taster's Box is an exclusive opportunity to embark on a sensory journey through all six of our caffeinated year-round offerings. Immerse yourself in the full spectrum of coffee flavors, from the bright and vibrant notes of Apollo to the rich and robust profile of Forty-Six. 

  • Coffee exploration: From the lightest to the darkest roast, taste every Counter Culture Coffee year-round caffeinated blend.
  • Versatile Brewing: Whether enjoyed as an espresso or pour-over, you can brew any coffee using your favorite brew method. You brew you!
  • Take a flavor journey through Counter Culture Coffee's caffeinated year-round catalog and save 30%.

    In This Bundle

    1 x Apollo , 12 oz
    citrus | floral | silky
    Big Trouble
    1 x Big Trouble , 12 oz
    caramel | nutty | round
    Fast Forward
    1 x Fast Forward , 12 oz
    nutty | sweet | creamy
    1 x Forty-Six , 12 oz
    dark chocolate | sweet | full-bodied
    1 x Gradient , 12 oz
    dark chocolate | roasted nuts | berry
    1 x Hologram , 12 oz
    fruity | milk chocolate | syrupy

    Coffees In This Bundle


    Process: Washed

    Certifications: Organic + Kosher

    Roast Level

    medium roast

    Experience the magic of Ethiopian coffee in every cup. Apollo is a year-round celebration of the delightful floral and citrus notes that Ethiopian coffees are renowned for. This special blend is thoughtfully roasted to showcase the coffee’s true flavors and honor Ethiopia's historical contribution of coffee to the global culture.

    • Sustainably-Sourced

    • Quality-Focused

    • B Corp Certified

    • Transparently Traded

    • Sustainably-Sourced

    • Quality-Focused

    • B Corp Certified

    • Transparently Traded

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