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Finca Aurora

School Funds


  • Image of coffee trees and shade trees on the Finca Aurora farm.

Finca Aurora utilized a Seeds grant to pay for a teachers’ salary and for school supplies for their on-farm school. The school is for the children of the workers who live permanently on the farm as well as children of seasonal workers.

Education in coffee communities is scarce all over Nicaragua. There are not enough rural schools provided by the government, meaning children have to walk long distances everyday to make it to the nearest school. This makes them susceptible to all kinds of threats during their daily commute. Children usually walk to school alone as their parents leave to work in the field very early in the morning. Furthermore, the poor quality of education in rural schools fails to motivate children causing most of them drop out of school at an early age to join their parents in the field.

Finca Aurora has built a small multi-grade school in order to minimize these issues and provide a well-rounded education.