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Year-Round Blend


citrus | floral | silky


Roast Level

medium roast


Experience the magic of Ethiopian coffee in every cup. Apollo is a year-round celebration of the delightful floral and citrus notes that Ethiopian coffees are renowned for. This special blend is thoughtfully roasted to showcase the coffee’s true flavors and honor Ethiopia's historical contribution of coffee to the global culture.


Sam Kitchen, Chicago

Verified Buyer

Apollo is my go-to coffee on pour over at home. Even though this beautiful coffee is year round, it is always from one single origin: the birthplace of all coffee, Ethiopia. Whether you want to crush a bright, juicy, tangy cold version of Apollo or a citrusy, fruity, complex hot version, you will always be wanting some more.

light and bright

Ethiopia is the birthplace of arabica coffee, so it's no wonder the country produces some of the best in the world. We had a radical idea when we introduced Apollo in 2010—creating a blend that wasn't focused on tasting the same every single time, but showcased the best coffees of the season. As time went on, we made a conscious decision to use 100% certified organic, washed Ethiopian coffees for Apollo. We source some of the best certified organic coffees from Ethiopia and craft a blend that embodies the birthplace of coffee with every single pour. Each sip of Apollo embodies a time-honored tradition that spans generations.

Not only is Apollo a treat when enjoyed hot, it’s also magnificent iced. The silky smoothness and balanced sweetness remain, even when chilled, making it a perfect companion on hot summer days or whenever you crave an invigorating pick-me-up. We recommend 1 gram of coffee for every 17 grams of water for most brewing devices. Experiment with using more or less coffee to find the perfect brewing ratio for you. Check out our brewing guides to get the most out of your coffee!

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

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