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Year-Round Blend


fruity | milk chocolate | syrupy


Roast Level

medium roast


Elevate your coffee experience to a new dimension. Hologram is an extraordinary medium-roast blend that showcases the finest coffees from around the world. Tantalizing notes of ripe fruit and chocolate create a multidimensional flavor experience that’s as complex as it is approachable.


Joshua Dusk, Chicago

Verified Buyer

Hologram is my "desert island" coffee. It has layers of flavor! I can drink it on any brew method over and over and always be interested and satisfied.

coffee for dessert

Just like a hologram reveals astonishing three-dimensional images, our Hologram blend creates an abundance of complexity in your cup. This captivating blend always includes a thoughtful combination of natural-sundried and washed processed coffees from our long-term partners in Africa and Latin America. The natural-sundried coffees provide punchy fruit notes and a full body, while the washed coffees add layers of pastry and rich chocolate to unlock a world of flavor that surprise and delight with every sip.

Whatever your preferred brew method, grind the whole beans immediately before brewing for the freshest cup of delicious coffee every time. We recommend 1 gram of coffee for every 17 grams of water for most brewing devices. Experiment with using more or less coffee to find the perfect brewing ratio for you. Check out our brewing guides to get the most out of your coffee.

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

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