Training Centers

Each regional training center is designed to be a hub that fosters coffee education. These facilities are homebase to our regional support teams, and also a place for our exclusive wholesale partners to train, practice, and explore the potential of coffee and equipment.

Hey Training Centers are open to the public every Friday from 10–11 a.m. for a free public coffee tasting. Come visit us!

Public Events

Tastings at Ten

Tasting at Ten

Every Friday at 10 a.m., we stop what we’re doing and taste coffee together. You are invited to join us in this free and open-to-the-public tradition, Tasting at Ten, at any of our regional training centers. No coffee experience necessary. Coffees and brewing methods vary. Find your closest training center and join us to taste and learn about some exceptional coffees.

Home Brew

Ready to make cafe-quality coffee at home? Home Brew classes give you skills and knowledge to brew perfect coffee in your own kitchen. We’ll provide expert hands-on pour over brewing instruction, show you how to tailor your brew recipe and grind size, and offer advice in finding your perfect coffee(s). You’ll taste, brew, and take home some of our favorite tools of the trade. Open to the public; registration required.

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Home Brew

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