Pink Bourbons from Nariño + Cauca, Colombia

GEM 004 is a blend of Pink Bourbon variety separations from three partners in Colombia. Recent genetic testing indicates that Pink Bourbon is not likely a mutation of the Bourbon variety as originally thought, but rather, an Ethiopian landrace variety. This lineage would help explain the cup's bright and juicy nature. Look for punchy pomelo-like acidity balanced by a raw sugar cane sweetness; a crisp, sweet-tart balance reminiscent of Honeycrisp apple.

Why this coffee is a GEM

  • The Pink Bourbon variety, which has surged in popularity in Colombia over the past decade, was originally believed to be a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon due to its pink-hued cherries. However, recent genetic testing by Cafe Imports through RD2 Vision indicates a closer relation to Ethiopian landrace varieties. While additional research is warranted, one undeniable fact remains: Pink Bourbon tastes awesome. Members of Organica, Asprocaes (Urcunina) and Toldopamba have been conducting trials of small Pink Bourbon plots with outstanding results. These trials have culminated in GEM #004. 

  • Our ability to appreciate the distinctiveness of single-variety lots is driven by meticulous systems throughout the supply chain. In contrast to other places where a container of coffee (40,000 pounds) may warrant only a handful of samples for evaluation, within Counter Culture’s Colombian partnerships, this volume regularly requires hundreds of samples, each necessitating individual analysis and follow-through. Managing a small lot of Pink Bourbon within this context is akin to discovering and refining a diamond in the rough. Skillfully navigating the exportation of containers brimming with exceptional coffee while safeguarding these rare gems is a feat we are immensely honored to be showcasing. 

  • GEMs embody innovation. Sourced from producers who push the boundaries of coffee production, these unique coffees are exclusively reserved for our most coffee-driven clients: wholesale customers. The GEM line uplifts relationships to unlock the full potential of coffee, one exceptional cup at a time.