Transparent from Seed to Cup.

Since 2009, our annual Transparency Reports have served as a blueprint for our green coffee purchasing practices and a response to chronically low prices in the coffee industry. We believe paying more for green coffee invests in the long-term viability of specialty coffee and every partner in our value chain. 

2021 Highlights

  • People

    • Employed 116 people
    • Paid out $68,508.81 in 
Green Fund, Pushing Potential, and CSA benefits
    • Rolled out stock options to all full-time employees
  • Planet

    • Had a carbon footprint of 725.25 tonnes CO2e 
    • Diverted 18,020 pounds of LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic from landfills
    • Donated 8,160 pounds of coffee
    • Installed 196 clean cookstoves in Honduras through our partnership with Trees, Water & People
  • Product

    • Purchased 3,951,707 pounds of green coffee, 71% from suppliers we’ve worked with for over 5 years
    • Scored our coffees an average of 86.5 points
    • Paid $3.10 per pound weighted average FOB price 
    • Awarded $42,170 to fund 10 Seeds projects
  • Education & Tech

    • Trained 3,273 professional development students and 1,017 Coffee at Home students for a total of 3,777 hours training students.
    • We made 1019 service calls, 820 preventative maintenance visits, and made 162 installs in 253 new locations.

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Past Reports

Purchasing Data

Adenech Gemede Jabanto Collective
On top of the information available in our Transparency Report, we publish data about every coffee we buy. The data combines all contracts from the same organization in a given year to provide a concise snapshot of our purchasing footprint.

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