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Three 4oz bags

Gesha Variety Trio

Panama, Peru, Kenya

Roast Level

light roast

This three-pack offers an around-the-world tour of the exquisite Gesha variety. Originally collected in Ethiopian forests in the 1930s, Gesha seedlings spread to coffee research stations globally for classification and breeding projects. By the 1960s, cultivation began in Panama, but it wasn’t until 2004 that the variety entered the specialty coffee pantheon. That year, Hacienda La Esmeralda blew away the competition at the Best of Panama contest with their selection of the variety: a coffee so floral and unique—and commanding such a high price at the subsequent auction—that it sparked a surge in cultivation throughout Central and South America. In recent years, select farms in Africa have planted the variety, pursuing the crop’s venerated benefits.

Although Gesha has great quality potential, managing the plant’s production in different environments has proven tricky; few have had great success. This trio represents the best of the best: unforgettably luscious and sweet cups of an unmistakably distinct variety. 

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Finca Nuguo Gesha – Jurutungo, Panama

The Origin of the Craze

The Gallardo family stand out as top producers of the exquisite Gesha variety, even in a region full of renowned Gesha producers. Coffee from Finca Nuguo regularly takes top honors in tasting and barista competitions around the world. This fully washed lot showcases dense, sweet fruit notes like blackberry and pomegranate, which mingle with delicate aromatics reminiscent of wildflowers. 

Lucio Luque Gesha – Cusco, Peru

The Long-shot The Origin of the Craze

With a plant as famous as Gesha, it’s not surprising to find it on even the most remote farms worldwide. It is, however, a small miracle to preserve that coffee's exquisite flavor by the time it reaches cups across the United States. Nestled deep within the Incahuasi Valley, Lucio Luque’s vibrant coffee parcel, Nuevo Progresso, exclusively cultivates Gesha. His passion for this parcel inspired us to collaborate with his cooperative and our supply chain partners to isolate the coffee from its original blend. Tasting and lot separation occurs at the cooperative’s warehouse in Andahuaylas, an area that is technically central to their members, but some seven hours away from Lucio. The effort is worth it: the coffee captivates with delicate floral notes and flavors evoking bubble gum and blood orange.

Kamavindi Gesha – Embu, Kenya

The New Frontier

Though Gesha is indigenous to Ethiopia and has been propagated in Latin America since at least the 60s, it is rare in the rest of Africa—in fact, we don’t know of any Gesha growing in Kenya outside the Kamavindi estate. A shared vision between Counter Culture and the Mbature family, Kamavindi Gesha was planted to push the boundaries of quality. This coffee has the bright citrus and big body typical of Kenyan coffees, layered with more delicate, soft fruit notes, and floral aromas. Expect notes of grapefruit, blackberry, and honeysuckle. 

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

  • Sustainably-Sourced

  • Quality-Focused

  • B Corp Certified

  • Transparently Traded

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