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Jola Coffee

Coffee Composting

2023 Bloom Fund Recipient

2023 Bloom Fund Recipient

Every week, Jola Coffee fills two 96 gallon trash bins. With the help of a Counter Culture Coffee Bloom fund, Jola will use a composting service to significantly cut down on their waste, reduce greenhouse gas, create healthier soil, and keep coffee grinds out of landfills.

Java’s Compost is a local company that will be picking up all of the used coffee grounds Jola collects each week. In addition to sending less food waste to landfills, Java’s Compost gives the finished compost back to their customers or donates it to their non-profit partner, Urban Agricultural Cooperative (UAC). UAC works with a network of local growers in the Greater Newark, New Jersey area to provide access to fresh produce for the community. Designated as a food desert by the USDA, these urban farmers play a vital role in creating a more equitable and just food system. By composting, Jola is not only keeping food out of landfills and incinerators, they are helping their neighbors grow and enjoy nutritious, locally grown food.

Bloom Fund

Counter Culture Coffee collects $0.01 from every pound of coffee sold to fund our Bloom program. Annually, $1 per pound of our spring coffee blend, Perennial, goes to further increase our contribution. Bloom provides grants to support sustainability initiatives at Counter Culture Coffee partner cafes. Rooted in the belief that everyone’s path toward sustainability looks a little different, this program supports projects of all shapes and sizes our partners identify as impactful.