• Outdoor Seating Permit Fee

IXV Coffee

Outdoor Seating Permit Fee

2024 Bloom Fund Recipient

2024 Bloom Fund Recipient

IXV Coffee in Brooklyn, NY, was founded in 2020, with the idea that people can enjoy their favorite drinks with as little trash as possible.  What isn’t compostable, can be recycled, and what can’t be recycled can be used for other things. IXV only produces two 64 oz jars of trash a week! A big part of this effort is persuading the community to forgo single use coffee cups, which IXV has reduced to 50% of sales.

A key factor in this success is the outdoor seating granted by the pandemic Open Streets program. Guests that don’t want to use a paper cup can use a reusable house cup and sit to enjoy their drink. IXV became a neighborhood gathering spot, providing invaluable space for meetings and community. When the city announced that they were going to start charging outdoor spaces, this put IXV in jeopardy of not only losing the community gathering spot, but also the ability to enable guests to enjoy their drinks from reusable cups. 

To keep up with their initiative of minimizing waste through their business model, IXV Coffee was awarded a Bloom grant to cover the cost of NYC’s outdoor seating permit.

Bloom Fund

Counter Culture Coffee collects $0.01 from every pound of coffee sold to fund our Bloom program. Annually, $1 per pound of our spring coffee blend, Perennial, goes to further increase our contribution. Bloom provides grants to support sustainability initiatives at Counter Culture Coffee partner cafes. Rooted in the belief that everyone’s path toward sustainability looks a little different, this program supports projects of all shapes and sizes our partners identify as impactful.