• Counter Culture Coffee x Spring & Mulberry


Counter Culture Coffee x Spring & Mulberry

We teamed up with our North Carolina friends and neighbors, Spring & Mulberry, to bring you a perfectly sweet and delicious new chocolate bar.

We teamed up with our North Carolina friends and neighbors, Spring & Mulberry, to bring you a perfectly sweet and delicious new chocolate bar.

The Spring & Mulberry Coffee Bean, Banana is a vegan chocolate bar and features crushed Slow Motion decaf coffee beans and dried banana — both organic for a classic morning pairing. 

  • Slow Motion – Decaf

    Year-Round Blend

    Slow Motion – Decaf


    molasses | cocoa | smooth

    medium roast

  • Spring & Mulberry

    Spring & Mulberry was founded by Kathryn Shah & Sarah Bell in 2022 after a cancer diagnosis led Kathryn to quit refined sugars. Their bars are topped with beautiful and fantastic-for-you ingredients that showcase the depth of flavor and spectrum of sweet found in jammy dates, rich cacaos, and fruity, floral pollens. All of their cacao is sustainability sourced and every chocolate bar is plant-based and gluten free.

    A Sweet Collaboration

    We love Spring & Mulberry's simple and beautiful approach to creating their bars. Once we tasted their incredible date-sweetened chocolate, we were hooked and knew we could create something delicious together. Banana can be really intense and overshadow other ingredients, but we found coffee stood up well, and at the right grind size, added the perfect crunch. We love how the big pieces of banana let you create your own journey as your taste your way through the bar. And because the coffee is decaf, you can enjoy this bar anytime of day!

    A broken coffee bean and banana topped chocolate bar on a wooden cutting board next to some coffee beans. There is also a pink glass plate with fresh sliced bananas and a brown ceramic plate and coffee mug.

    What Grows Together, Goes Together

    Not only do coffee and bananas pair well together on a chocolate bar, they complement each other as they grow. Bananas provide good shade for coffee and coffee loves shade! They also mulch the soil, which is really good for the roots of both plants and increases the amount of potassium in the topsoil. Their big leaves and roots help prevent soil erosion. This is important because the topsoil is where coffee gets most of their nutrients from.

    Bananas are a source of food and income for farmers. In general, intercropping—growing many types of crops on the same plot of lands—creates a diverse ecosystem, reduces risk, increases food security, and sequesters more carbon. Our coffee buying team have said they've seen some kind of banana and coffee grown together in every coffee-producing country they've visited.

    Shop Coffee Bean, Banana on Spring & Mulberry's site while supplies last! 

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