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2024 Bloom Fund Recipient

2024 Bloom Fund Recipient

BrewLab Coffee in Champagne, IL, was awarded a Bloom grant to help launch a Community Garden Initiative pilot program. This project focuses on cultivating herbs, vegetables, flowers, and native plants, emphasizing sustainability and community engagement. The initiative involves using coffee grounds and food waste from these businesses to create an eco-friendly compost system, demonstrating a commitment to waste reduction and environmental stewardship. The garden will be publicly accessible, aiming to foster community involvement and education through workshops on native plants and urban agriculture, conducted in partnership with the University of Illinois Extension Urban Forestry program. The produce and herbs harvested will be utilized by the partner restaurants, promoting local sourcing, while the flowers will be sold at BrewLab Coffee. This pilot program marks the first step towards a larger vision of sustainable urban agriculture, intending to expand and involve more local businesses in the future.

Bloom Fund

Counter Culture Coffee collects $0.01 from every pound of coffee sold to fund our Bloom program. Annually, $1 per pound of our spring coffee blend, Perennial, goes to further increase our contribution. Bloom provides grants to support sustainability initiatives at Counter Culture Coffee partner cafes. Rooted in the belief that everyone’s path toward sustainability looks a little different, this program supports projects of all shapes and sizes our partners identify as impactful.