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Pollinator Garden

2023 Bloom Fund Recipient

2023 Bloom Fund Recipient

Occupying nearly three-acres of land, Zinnia has beautiful outdoor space featuring several stone patios, a variety of seating options, a scenic gazebo overlooking a pond, and a seasonal kitchen garden that plays a special role in their dinner menu. While the outdoor space is very well tended to, it lacks a wide variety of native plant species. Zinnia was awarded a 2023 Bloom fund to construct and plant a garden to attract, support, and maintain local pollinators. In addition to benefiting the pollinators, the garden will enhance the outdoor ambiance and offer an educational opportunity on the importance of native plants and the role they play in their local ecosystems for guests.

The introduction of a pollination garden to their outdoor space will greatly and directly support the needs of local pollinators. Nearly 75% of all flowering plants depend on pollinators. By incorporating a large variety plants that flower at different times, the garden will provide adequate food, shelter, and water for pollinating friends year round. In turn, they will pollinate existing crops, which will directly benefit their kitchen garden and ultimately, Zinnia. They estimate that in two-years the garden will substantially increase their vegetable and herb yield and educating the near-thousand weekly guests they serve on its importance.

Bloom Fund

Counter Culture Coffee collects $0.01 from every pound of coffee sold to fund our Bloom program. Annually, $1 per pound of our spring coffee blend, Perennial, goes to further increase our contribution. Bloom provides grants to support sustainability initiatives at Counter Culture Coffee partner cafes. Rooted in the belief that everyone’s path toward sustainability looks a little different, this program supports projects of all shapes and sizes our partners identify as impactful.