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What’s better than Counter Culture Coffee? Well, nothing… but maybe a Counter Culture Coffee cocktail… Yeah, we said that. Check out some delicious coffee cocktails from our partners across the country and let us know what you think!

St. Kilda – Des Moines, Iowa

Photo of two coffee mugs on a wooden surface. One is a cappuccino and the other is a black coffee.

St. Kilda is an Australian-style cafe located in Des Moines, Iowa, with a full bar, and of course, coffee. Their cocktail, “The PBC” is a peanut butter whisky, with iced coffee, house cookie butter syrup, and oat milk. This flavorful cocktail is currently a fan favorite and has been described as the perfect summer drink.

The Royal – Washington, D.C.

Photo of an espresso martini sitting on a ledge. There are three coffee beans resting on the foam.

Coffee shop by day, bar life by night, The Royal is an all-day spot based in Washington, DC, turning heads with their espresso martini. With a touch of jager or vodka, coffee liqueur, espresso, and raw sugar equal the taste of the best espresso martini in town. The espresso martini drinks are not on the menu but are always offered year-round with Counter Culture Coffee.

Cure – Norfolk and Smithfield, Virginia

Photo of a glass cupped in the palms of hands. The cup is filled with coffee, ice, and topped with toasted coconut.

Photo credit: Kari Redman

After tasting a shaken mudslide cocktail from Cure, you’ll be on cloud nine. This cocktail has Cureo Liquor, Cure’s own branded coffee liqueur, espresso, and a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes on top. When you need to treat yourself, you know where to go!

Session Cafe and Bar – Asheville, North Carolina

Photo of an espresso martini in a rocks glass. There are three coffee beans in the middle on the foam.


When the going gets tough, an espresso martini has enough caffeine to get you going again! Session Cafe and Bar in Citizen Vinyl, offers an espresso martini with vodka, Gradient espresso, and a green chartreuse. The drink is described as herbal and bittersweet, with notes of cherry and almonds from Gradient, making their espresso martini one of a kind!

Bittersweet – Raleigh, North Carolina

Photo of a glass filled with coffee and ice, a large section of foam at the top, and a straw in it. The drink is sitting on a marble counter.

Raleigh, North Carolina, is home to Bittersweet—a coffee and a cocktail bar bringing drinks to the Triangle Area. Their Iced Pirate Coffee includes Kraken Black Spiced rum, iced Counter Culture, coconut cream, house-made whipped cream, and cinnamon. This drink can be served hot or iced, but it’s definitely a summer favorite!

Five & Dime – New York City, New York

Photo of a martini glass taken from the side. You can see the coffee mixture and foam on top.

If a trip to New York City is in your near future, you need to check out Five & Dime Coffee and Cocktail Bar. With specialty coffee AND cocktails, they have the opportunity to experiment and infuse coffee into their fabulous drink menu. Their espresso martini uses Fast Forward to give it a nutty and creamy taste.

Tulips – Fort Worth, Texas

Photo of a rocks glass with a large ice cube inside and a coffee drink. There are three coffee beans lined up on top.

Tulips is a new music venue and cultural center backed up with delicious craft beer and cocktails. Their Sunny Day, Night People cocktail includes coffee, Benchmark Bourbon, house soda simple, and orange bitters. Hint hint… you can get this drink half off from 4-6 pm every weekday!

Bodega – Charleston, South Carolina

Photo of a hand holding out an espresso martini in front of a sign that says "Bodega"

A day in Charleston is not complete without “The Soon To Be Famous Espresso Martini” from Bodega. This espresso martini was created by Talk Coffee to Me and is a delightful mix of Dead Eye Vodka, Counter Culture espresso, butterscotch, and a dash of sea salt.

What is your favorite coffee cocktail? Share your photos with us on Instagram!

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